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Trade & Economics


Expedition 4: Trade Away!

International trade includes imports and exports. Goods and services which come into a country are called that country’s imports; those which are sent out of a country are that country’s exports.

  1. Brainstorm a list of the top ten products you think the US imports from Japan. Prioritize the list.
  2. Brainstorm a list of the top ten products you think the US exports to Japan. Prioritize the list.
  3. Compare your lists with actual import and export data. What do you find most surprising? Why?____________________________________________
  4. Analyze the list of exports from the US.a. What percentage of the top 20 exports are food and raw materials?____________________________________________b. What percentage of the top 20 exports are related to transportation equipment?


    c. What percentage of the top 20 exports are related to computer equipment?


    d. Both the US and Japan manufacture Motor Vehicles (automobiles, trucks) for export. What is the ratio between the number of Motor Vehicles we import to the number we export? What are the implications for the US economy?



  5. What three export products from the US do you think create the highest paying jobs for Americans? Why?________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Compare the top 10 exports to Japan with the top 10 imports from Japan. Based on the products, which country do you think creates more high paying jobs? Why?________________________________________________________________________________________ 

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