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Pegasus News Archive, 2003

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Pegasus Sails with Berkeley youth, Emphasizes Healthy Environment

On Saturday, November 22, Pegasus sailed with a group of students from Health Professions Partnership Initiative. HPPI gives Berkeley youth and youth at risk the opportunity to study health and environment issues in the Bay Area during after school and weekend programs. Pegasus provided an opportunity for students to experience the environment first hand and develop a true appreciation of a clean bay. Pegasus volunteer crew included: Captain Mark Caplin, Tim McAnulty, Kris Wolf, Nancy Navarro, and David Wienberg.

Pegasus sails with Beat Within Staff

Despite scattered showers, Pegasusset sail for the afternoon on November 14 with staff from Pacific News Service’s theBeat Within and Youth Outlook. These publications provide a voice for youth and incarcerated youth living in the Bay Area. For many of the passengers, the voyage was the first aboard a sailing vessel in San Francisco Bay. “I’ve never seen the city from this viewpoint,” commented Marvin Roiz as the clouds cleared to produce a stunning view of San Francisco. Volunteer crew included Captain Paul Marbury, Mark Caplin, Dave Weinberg, and Richard Gillette.

Pegasus sails with youth from Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

In gusty conditions with strong Southerly winds, Pegasus set sail on Saturday, November 8 with students from Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Pegasus volunteer crew Captain Bill Proctor, Tim McAnulty, Paul Marbury and Ken and Linda Stehr maneuvered the vessel toAngel Island for a lunch stop and then around the Island and back to Berkeley Marina just in time for the afternoon rains. “An overall exhilarating day,” said Captain Bill Proctor of the voyage.

Pegasus Crew Complete Safety Training, Volunteer Sail

On Saturday, October 18, Pegasus Crew participated in fire safety, taking on water and motoring man overboard drills under the guidance of Pegasus Safety Captain, paramedic Mark Caplin. These drills are part of continuous crew training that Pegasus volunteers undergo in order to sail safely with youth. The weekend culminated with a fun and exciting volunteer sail to Angel Island and along the San Francisco waterfront on Sunday, October 19.

Wells Fargo Contributes $1000 to Pegasus Lifeskills Project

Wells Fargo Foundation awarded a $1,000 grant in support of the Pegasus Lifeskills project. The money will go towards conducting a series of Project Lifeskills sails for youth participants from four Berkeley elementary and middle schools. The Lifeskills Project is tailored to building a strong foundation of life skills for at-risk and disadvantaged youth. Through a series of day sails and overnight voyages, the youth that participate not only gain an appreciation of their backyard bay, but they learn to work together and with adults as a team.

Pegasus First Mates Train on Maintenance and Sailing

Five Pegasus volunteer first mates participated in a boat maintenance day under the guidance of Pegasus Captains Paul Marbury and Peter Hayes. After maintenance was complete, the first mates trained under sail in the bay in foggy conditions. Maintenance days and sail training voyages generate an increase in familiarity with Pegasus systems and handling. Expertise in these areas is necessary before becoming a Pegasus captain and commanding the vessel under sail with youth passengers.

Pegasus First Mates Train on Maintenance and Sailing

On Friday, August 29, five Pegasus volunteer first mates participated in a boat maintenance day under the guidance of Pegasus Captains Paul Marbury and Peter Hayes. After maintenance was complete, the first mates trained under sail in the bay in foggy conditions. Maintenance days and sail training voyages generate an increase in familiarity with Pegasus systems and handling. Expertise in these areas is necessary before becoming a Pegasus captain and commanding the vessel under sail with youth passengers.

Pegasus Sails with The Beat Within

On Friday, August 22, Pegasus sailed with youth and adult staff from Pacific News Service’s The Beat Within — a publication dedicated to the art and writing of troubled youth. The three hour bay voyage left the group, some of whom had never sailed on the bay, happily basking in the glory of the excursion according to Beat Within staff member Michael Kroll. Pegasus was crewed by volunteers Mark Caplin, Tim McAnulty, Jim Gaebe, Lynne Izbicki, David Driesbach, and Lea Prince.


Pegasus Celebrates the Summer Lifeskills Program

The Berkeley Boosters and the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, sixteen students, sixteen volunteers, and a group of supporters were honored at an awards ceremony for their completion of the Pegasus Project Summer Lifeskills program. The Pegasus Lifeskills program is designed to build and nurture lifeskills in Bay Area youth by exposing them to new and exciting situations aboard the Nautilus Institute’s Pegasus.

Berkeley Boosters Complete Summer Sailing Series

An overnight voyage to Angel Island’s Ayala Cove tested skills that a group of youth from the Berkeley Boosters acquired through a series of summer sails aboard Pegasus. All of the sailors had been aboard Pegasus for preparatory day sails to learn skills such as knot tying, raising and lowering sails, steering and navigation. Under the guidance of Pegasus volunteer crew Paul Kassatkin, Jim Gaebe, and Nancy Navarro, the youth enjoyed an exciting sail to Ayala Cove where they cooked, cleaned, ate and slept aboard the moored vessel.

Burn Foundation Youth Overnight on Pegasus

A group of youth from Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundationreturned from an overnight voyage aboard Pegasus to complete a series of four voyages. The youth, ranging from nine to twelve years old, sailed the vessel to Paradise Cove, Ayala Cove, and finally to McCovey Cove alongside PacBell Park to catch a bit of GiantsBaseball action. The youth and crew spent a night at a mooring in Ayala Cove at Angel Island and had an opportunity to learn a bit about the history of the Island. Pegasus was crewed by Captain Paul Kassatkin, First Mate Jim Gaebe and Lea Prince.

Overnight Voyage Completes Pegasus Series for Berkeley Youth

On July 25, 2003 six participants in the Berkeley Boosters summer program for inner city youth completed a Pegasus Lifeskills Summer Series. The series included two day long voyages on the bay aboard the vessel Pegasus and culminated with an overnight voyage. Using sailing and communication skills acquired during the day voyages, the youth and adult crew expertly navigated the vessel to a mooring in Ayalla cove for the overnight and back to Berkeley Marina the next day. This Pegasus Lifeskills Series was the first of three to be completed this summer.

Pegasus Sails With Berkeley Boosters Around Treasure Island

On Friday July 18, 2003, Pegasus sailed the Bay with kids from the Berkeley Boosters in preparation for their future overnight voyages. Under the leadership of Captain-in-training Christine Alberson, helmsman Mark Caplin along with Jim Gabe and Dave Weinberg, sailed the vessel around Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island, passing under the Bay bridge twice. The crew witnessed the difference between the 25 knot winds coming through the Gate to the relative calm of the leeward side of Treasure Island, past the Coast Guard “Admirals” house. On their return trip to Berkeley, the crew dodged a large container ship that was headed for the Port of Oakland.

Pegasus Crew and Passengers Enjoy Sunshine and Strong Wind

On July 12, with Captain Mark Caplin and Mate Tim McAnulty, the crew enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine and 25 knot winds. After sailing to Ayala Cove with a tricky docking accomplished by Tim on Angel Island, the crew enjoyed lunch in the warm sunshine. They then bundled up and headed out into the “slot,” tacked, and sailed down the city front, watched the cruise ship Pacific Princess depart, and then went to check out the Japanese Tall training ship. Heading back to Berkeley, they all agreed that a good time was had by all.

Pegasus Kicks off Summer Life-skills Series with Berkeley Boosters

Pegasus crew sailed with a group of youth from the Berkeley Boosters. This sail was the first of a series of summer sails designed to teach life-skills and increase environmental awareness among Berkeley’s inner city youth. The youth participating on this voyage will build skills during two day long voyages and will use these skills to assist Pegasus volunteers on an overnight voyage to Angel Island.

Myrtle L. Atkinson Foundation Awards Pegasus Project $5000

The Myrtle L. Atkinson Foundations awarded Nautilus Institute’s The Pegasus Project $5000 for general program support. Funds provided will be applied toward Project Lifeskills. Project Lifeskills strives to help build a strong foundation of life skills for at-risk and disadvantaged youth through series of day sails and overnight voyages aboard a 51′ ketch. Partner organizations participating in Project Lifeskills include TheBerkeley Boosters and Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

Pegasus Orientation Attracts New Volunteers

A Pegasus Project crew orientation on Saturday, June 14 attracted new and experienced volunteers. Crew orientations are led by Pegasus Training Captain Bill Proctor in an effort to introduce sailors to the project and to teach safe sailing with youth aboard Pegasus. Saturday’s orientation was the first of two offered in June.

Burn Survivors Complete Day Three of Summer Sailing Series
On Sunday, June 8, members of Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation completed the third in a series of Pegasus Project Lifeskills sails. The highlight of the voyage for both crew and youth was the sail underneath The Golden Gate Bridge just as the low clouds were lifting. The next and final voyage in this Lifeskills series will include two full days of sailing with an overnight in Ayala Cove. The voyage was captained by volunteer Captain Mark Caplin and crewed by volunteers Jim Gaebe, Christine Albertsen, Nancy Navarro, Dan Edwards, and David Driesbach.

New Crew Learn Sailing Safety aboard Pegasus

During a crew orientation for the Pegasus Project, new volunteers learned the basics of sailing safely with youths aboard. Led by training captain Bill Proctor, the group, which included experienced Pegasus volunteer crew, practiced person overboard drills and crew position responsibilities to ensure safe and successful youth voyages.

Pegasus Crew Relives Excitement of Master Mariners Regatta

The Pegasus crew set out on Saturday, May 24, 2003 in hopes of distinguishing itself in theMaster Mariners Regatta. However, the crew’s efforts were stemmed by erratic winds and tides. Nonetheless, the Pegasus crew displayed astounding resourcefulness as the choppy conditions demanded split-second decisions based on the crew’s savvy maritime knowledge.

Young Burn Survivors Continue Pegasus Sailing Series

On Saturday May 17, 2003, young adults from Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation continued to explore some of the basics of seamanship during the second in a series of Lifeskills sails aboard Pegasus. The series includes three day-long training voyages and culminates in an overnight voyage requiring the youth to use the skills that they have acquired to assist the crew. Volunteers that participated on Saturday included: Captain Mark Caplin, Mate Christine Albertsen, Dan Edwards, Nancy Navarro, and Tom Jeramiason.

Berkeley Youth Sail on Pegasus

On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, eleven sixth graders fromWillard Middle School joined Pegasus crew for the finalShorebird Nature Center sail this season. Steady winds moved the vessel along at a swift clip and made for an exciting and slightly wet voyage. Many of the students hope to continue the Pegasus experience this summer through The Berkeley Boosters summer program.

Pegasus Sails with Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

On Saturday May 3, 2003, six youth from the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundationsailed with sixPegasus volunteer crew under a steady breeze on calm waters. The youth passengers had the opportunity to view the magnificent San Francisco Bay from a perch above the water on the bow, and then to take the helm and steer a course by compass. The sail was the first in a Project Lifeskills series of three day sails and one overnight voyage.

East Bay Youth Complete Spring Sailing Series

With two last sails aboard the Pegasus, the Berkeley Booster youth from Longfellow and Willard junior high school completed their spring sails. Increased confidence, and collective teamwork, along with a deeper appreciation for the bay environment, were just a few of the life skills gained during the sails. Many students will return for the Berkeley Boosters Pegasus Lifeskills series this summer.

Brion Toss Donates Tuning Applications Workshop

Brion Toss, Master Rigger from Port Townsend Washington conducted a hands-on tuning principles and applications workshop forPegasus volunteers on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003. The group tuned Pegasus’ mizzen rigging which was just in time for a breezy afternoon youth sail with the HealthProfessions Partnership Initiative, a program operated by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

Berkeley Students Train Aboard Pegasus

On April 15, 2003, at a dock training led by Pegasusvolunteers Tim McAnulty and Nancy Navarro and in conjunction with Pegasus Project partner, the Berkeley Boosters, students from Longfellow Middle School in Berkeley learned the art of tying knots, nautical terminology, as well as the skills of sail and winch handling. Two days later, the students were rewarded with a sail aboard the Pegasus to put their new found knowledge to use.

Pegasus sails with Berkeley Youth

On April 4, 2003, students fromKing Middle School in Berkeley joined volunteers Captain Paul Marbury, Jeanne Moje, Christine Albertsen, David Driesbach, andPegasus Program Manager Lea Prince aboard Pegasus for aBerkeley Boosters after school voyage. Each student had the opportunity to sit on the bowsprit, take the helm, and assist the crew with knot tying and calling lookout.

Pegasus Sails with South San Francisco Youth

On March 27, 2003, 28 youth from Alta Loma Middle Schoolfollowed up their classroom science lessons on the ocean with a voyage on the Pegasus. With partners, the Shorebird Nature Center and the Cal Sailing Club, the Pegasus Project provided a well-rounded day of sailing and discovery.Pegasus was captained by Peter Hayes and crewed by mate Tim McAnulty, George Carvalho, Patty Donald and Lea Prince.

Pegasus Sails with Twenty Six Oakland Youth
Posted March 14, 2003

With gusts of wind up to 30 miles per hour and choppy water conditions, 26 youths from theMonarch Academy in Oakland, along with their teacher, Andrea Main, had a wild ride aboard the Pegasus on Thursday, March 13, 2003. Prior to the sail, the youth spent time in the classroom preparing for the voyage by studying weather, water, and nautical exploration with the help and assistance of the Shorebird Nature Center and Cal Sailing Club. The voyage was led by volunteer Captain Paul Marbury and crewed by Tim McAnulty, Patty Donald, Peter Hayes and Lea Prince.

Pegasus Sails with Shorebird Nature Center Docents and Bay Area Teachers
Posted March 7, 2003

On Friday, February 28, 2003 under the command of volunteer captain Mark Caplin, Shorebird Nature Center staff and docents joined Pegasus crew for a sail on the bay. The docents will be accompanying Bay Area classes on Pegasus voyages throughout the spring in an effort to reinforce sailing, history and ecology lessons. On Saturday, March 1, 2003, Nautilus Institute Executive Director Peter Hayes served as captain for an excursion with Shorebird Nature Center teachers that are to lead the fieldtrips in the spring.

Crew Trainings, Overnight Voyages completed
Posted February 28, 2003

On February 21, Captain Bill Proctor led a marina maneuvering orientation aboard Pegasuswith emphasis on safe handling of the vessel while docking, undocking and motoring in the harbor. After the orientation, Proctor presented to the first of a two part lecture on weather to six Pegasus volunteers. On February 22, Captain Bill Proctor led a training for Pegasus crew focused on safety systems, safe winch handling, and person-overboard retrieval maneuvering. After completion of the crew training voyage, Captain Peter Hayes and crew Dan Edwards sailed to Clipper Cove for an overnight stay. En route, at the request of the Coast Guard, they retrieved a huge abandoned surfboard kite in mid-channel and delivered it to Clipper Cove marina for the owner to retrieve.

St. Croix donates equipment to Pegasus Project:
Posted February 21, 2003

Stainless steel risers donated by St. Croix Marine Products, Inc. to The Pegasus Project will allow proper installation of removable davits aboard the vessel. The davits will support Pegasus’ inflatable dinghy that is used to take youth on exploration journeys at various destinations. With the installation of these much anticipated davits, Pegasus’ captain and crew will have the flexibility to offer a wider variety of learning experiences to bay area youth, including on-shore bay ecology in less explored areas and voyage discovery adventures.

Pegasus Crew Learn Safe Winch Handling
Posted February 14, 2003

On a balmy sunny winter’s day, Pegasus crew learned safe handling of the winches in a light northwesterly breeze over a flood tide.

Aboard were trainees George Carvalho, Dan Edwards, and Suzanne Lofquist along with rated crew Captains Peter Hayes and Paul Marbury, Nancy Navarro, and Tom Jeramiason.

New hands also took the helm and determined that the current set of course over the ground while reaching east along the Berkeley pier was 30 degrees relative to course steered. Also aboard were five passengers–two fathers and three of Pegasus’ smallest crew, Benjie, Nathan and Nathaniel. Trainee crew worked the cockpit to move the passengers around the vessel under strict deck control as occurs on all Pegasus youth voyages.

Pegasus Sails with East Bay Middle School Students
Posted February 7, 2003

Under the direction of volunteer captain Paul Marbury,Pegasus set sail on Thursday, February 6 with ten students and two counselors from the Berkeley Boosters. The Booster’s group included students from East Bay’s Longfellow and Willard Middle Schools, many of whom had never sailed on the bay before.

Pegasus Safety Officer Lectures on Hypothermia
Posted January 24, 2003

Pegasus Safety Officer, Mark Caplin lectured onhypothermia and sailing to a group of Pegasus volunteers on January 10. The presentation focused on prevention and treatment of hypothermia while on the water. The lecture was followed by an on-the-water Person Overboard review. Crew training continued on January 18 with nine crew aboard Pegasus under the leadership of Pegasus Training Captain Bill Proctor.

Pegasus Sails with SF Chronicle Science Writers
Posted January 17, 2003

A team of SF Chronicle science writers, editors, and photographers sailed aboard Pegasus on Monday, January 13th in an effort to explore the bay from a new perspective. Naturalists Patty Donald from Shorebird Nature Center and Stephen Cochrane from Friends of the Estuaryshared their expertise on bay ecology with the group. The journey included exploration of San Pablo Bay and investigation of plankton and salinity samples.

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