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Pegasus News Archive, 2001

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December 21, 2001The Pegasus Project Creates Online Photo, Poem, and Artwork Gallery
Posted December 21, 2001

The Pegasus Project, the youth and environmental community outreach project of the Institute, has launched a new online gallery of the beautiful artwork and poetry that students produce after their experience sailing aboard Pegasus. We have also updated the photo gallery with students’ photographs on sails from the last five seasons. We will be adding to the collection in the coming months so please check back soon. The generous support of the

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation made this gallery possible.December 7, 2001

Rosa Parks Students Enjoy Sail on Pegasus
Posted December 7, 2001

A group of fifth grade students from Rosa Parks Elementary School in Berkeley sailed aboard Pegasus on November 28, 2001. The voyage was an after school sail organized with the Berkeley Boosters.

It was a windy day out with a few rain showers, which made for an exciting, fast sail. The wind was gusting over 30 knots! Several students said their favorite part of the sail was standing on the bow and watching the water slip past below their feet. Thanks again to the dedicated captain and crew that made this sail happen.

November 30, 2001

Pegasus Team Completes Haulout and Hull Paint
Posted November 30, 2001

A team effort involving Pegasus volunteers, Marine Brightworks, and Berkeley Marine Center completed the annual painting of Pegasus hull in time for winter. Pegasus volunteers who contributed included Christine Albertsen, Bill Proctor, Ken Stehr, Paul Kassatkin and Bud Simpson.

The Nautilus Institute would like to thank Cree Partridge of Berkeley Marine Center for his generous contribution of the bottom paint job for the Pegasus Project in time for the Boosters to sail on November 28.

September 21, 2001

Pegasus 2nd In Master Mariner Voyage
Posted September 21, 2001
Crew were (from left to right): Patty Donald, Paul Marbury, Urszula Dawkins (visitor from Australia), Peter Hayes, Inka Petersen.

On September 1 and 2, a crack crew of Pegasus volunteers joined the Marconi Division of the Master Mariners in a sailing race around San Pablo Bay. The Pegasus crew received the 2nd place award.

August 31, 2001

Boosters graduate after final summer overnighter aboard Pegasus
Posted August 31, 2001
Youth points out sea lion sunning on buoy

Five kids from the Berkeley Boosters enjoyed the final summer overnight voyage aboard the Nautilus Institute’s sailing vessel Pegasus and participated in a graduation ceremony Aug. 23-24, 2001.

The young sailors started out toward San Pablo Bay, circumnavigating Red Rock and the East Brother Island lighthouse. Afterwards, the boat headed for Ayala Cove at Angel Island, passing close by a sea lion sunning himself on a buoy. The crew also saw a vulture and a jellyfish.

Safely moored at Ayala, the kids tried a little kayaking that evening and the next morning before heading for home. Pegasus crew for this voyage included Jim Gaebe,Paul Kassatkin, and David Weinberg.

Over the summer, 11 students from the Berkeley Boosters participated in five overnight voyages aboard the Pegasus. A graduation and awards ceremony and barbecue was held Aug. 24, 2001 at the Nautilus Institute, with food supplied by the Boosters.

Nautilus Executive Director Peter Hayes said, “There are a lot of skills you have to learn in order to survive out on the water. You have to learn discipline, teamwork, and many other physical and mental skills.”

Boosters Executive Director Ove Wittstock said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity that the Nautilus Institute makes possible for us. It was an ideal marriage: They have the boat, and we have the kids.”

August 24, 2001

Participants ride aboard fire boat on Boosters overnight voyage

Participants boarded a fire department vessel during a Berkeley Boosters overnight voyage with the Nautilus Institute’s Pegasus Project Aug. 16-17, 2001.

The group powered over to the Oakland Fire Station at Jack London Square, where members were taken aboard the Sea-Wolf, the Oakland Fire Department’s fire boat. The Sea-Wolf set out for the Oakland Outer Harbor under the command of Bradley Harger, Senior Marine Pilot. The Boosters had a ball shooting off the aft water turrets before returning to the Pegasus.

After an overnight stay at Ayala Cove, the group listened to a life-raft lecture by crew member Inka Petersen, then sampled life-raft emergency rations, as well as dried seaweed and dried squid. The group then took a short hike to the immigration center on Angel Island before heading for home.

Participants from the Boosters included Deserae, Katryna, Grecya, Breck, and Leonard, with Booster staff member Fele (a great cook!). In addition to Petersen, Pegasus crew included Christine Albertsen and Paul Kassatkin.

August 17, 2001

Booster youth complete marine urban wilderness voyage

Berkeley Boosters youth participated in the third Boosters overnight summer voyage with the Nautilus Institute’sPegasus Project Aug. 9-10, 2001.

In addition to sail training aboard Pegasus, the group took a close-up, water-based tour of sea lions at Pier 39, historic vessels at Hyde Street Pier, and McCovy Cove at Pac Bell Park in San Francisco. They also toured the visitors center/museum at Ayala Cove on Angel Island and watched a short movie covering the history of the island from its geological formation, Native American history, U.S. military activity on the island from the Civil War on, and island flora and fauna.

Participants included Deserae Flores and Breck and Katryna Shattuck. Also aboard were Boosters staff Fele Uperesa and Pegasus crew Jim Gaebe, Christine Albertsenand Paul Kassatkin.
August 10, 2001

Shorebird Nature Center summer youth program hits the waves aboard Pegasus

Fifteen youth from the Shorebird Nature Center summer program, aged nine to fifteen, participated in a voyage aboard Pegasus on the East San Francisco Bay Aug. 8, 2001.

In strong westerly winds, they sailed from Berkeley to Richmond and back. Each kid visited the bowsprit and met marine wilderness head-on in the form of high, short, choppy waves breaking over the bow and spraying them with seawater.

As they disembarked, the kids remarked variously that the best experience on the voyage was “the bowsprit,” “the waves,” “going below decks,” “the crew,” and the entire sail (“totally awesome”).

Crew were Christine Albertsen, Jeanne Moje, Patty Donald, and Peter Hayes.

August 3, 2001

Kids complete overnight voyage aboard Pegasus

On July 31 and Aug. 1, 2001, kids from the Berkeley Boosters youth-at-risk program went out for an overnight voyage on the Nautilus Institute’s 51-foot ketch, Pegasus.

Leaving Berkeley Marina with brisk 25-knot winds, Pegasus sailed around Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands, and then along the San Francisco city front to Pier 39.

After gazing at the sea lions and the historic ships at the Maritime Park, the crew flew past Alcatraz Island back out across the bay to the final evening destination at Ayala Cove, Angel Island.
Kids aboard Pegasus, sailing away from San Francisco with Coit Tower (between cables) and TransAmerica Pyramid in background
July 6, 2001

NFWF, NOAA award $16,500 to Pegasus Project

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has awarded $16,500 to the Nautilus Institute’s Pegasus Project in support of marine environmental education.

The grant comes from funds provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Through a unique partnership between the Pegasus Project; the University of California-Berkeley’s Marine Activities, Resources and Education Program (MARE); and the City of Berkeley’s Shorebird Nature Center, the funds are being used to enhance the teaching ability of Bay Area teachers and the education of low-income East Bay students on local marine environmental issues.

June 8, 2001

Ocean View students sail aboard Pegasus

Two groups of students from Ocean View Elementary School (Albany, CA), accompanied by teacher Bridget Priest, completed a voyage aboard Pegasus on May 22, 2001. The voyage was organized with Pegasus Project partner Shorebird Nature Center. Thanks to all the captains and crew who pulled off these cruises. Great kids and teacher. Great sailing weather — lots of wind!

June 1, 2001

Pegasus places third in Master Mariners’ Regatta

A crew of eleven plus three passengers sailed Pegasus to a third-place finish in the annual Master Mariners’ Regatta May 26, 2001. The crew were: Paul Kassatkin; Paul Marbury; Christine Albertsen; Peter Hayes; Chris Zekos; Morgan Ashton; Ken Stehr; Inka Petersen; Otis Finley; Tom Jeremiason; and Jim Gaebe.

“Overall,” said Captain Hayes, “we have never sailed such a fine race. The crew team\work was seamless; the helming was great; the tactical navigation was spot-on; the weather was perfect.”

Pegasus came in five-and-a-half minutes behind Moise Estelle, the winner of the Marconi 1 Division.

April 6, 2001

Pegasus completes rescue training voyage, two school sails

On April 3, two groups of students from City of Franklin Elementary School accompanied by teacher Rita Franklin completed a voyage aboard Pegasus. This was followed by another voyage on April 5 of students from Marin Elementary School. Both voyages were organized with Pegasus Project partner Shorebird Nature Center.

Thanks to all the captains and crew who pulled off these two cruises. Great kids and teachers. Great weather — not enough wind!

On March 31, in a strong westerly wind, the Pegasus crew completed training on person-overboard recovery. Crew members retrieved the adult-size mannequin known as “Bob” from overboard. They also completed maneuvers designed to bring the vessel back to a person in the water. The training is to increase safety in voyages conducted with students and youth.


March 16, 2001
East Asian energy experts complete Pegasus voyages

Eighteen Chinese, Japanese, North and South Korean, and Russian energy experts completed a trip on Pegasus in stormy weather on March 1, 2001. The experts were hosted by the Pegasus on two separate voyages. They were rotated around the deck stations, and some were put at the helm and lookout positions.

Pegasus crew for these voyages included Paul Kassatkin, Bill Proctor,Christine Albertsen, Marena Drlik, Hans Kristensen, Paul Marbury, Inka Petersen, and Patty Donald.
March 2, 2001
Atkinson Foundation Supports Pegasus Project

The Myrtle L. Atkinson Foundation on Feb. 21, 2001 granted $2,500 to support the Pegasus Project in its work with teenage youth-at-risk.

The Pegasus Project works with local students in local schools as well as youth in at-risk programs.

February 23, 2001

Pegasus Crew Conducts Flare-Firing Exercise

Pegasus captains and crew conducted a flare training exercise at the US Coast Guard base on Yerba Buena Island on February 10, 2001.

The crew fired hand-held, pistol, and parachute flares into the air to gain first-hand experience using this safety equipment. A Coast Guard specialist provided training and safety tips.

The Pegasus crew decided that the Paine-Wessex parachute flares were by far the best for use in an emergency. These units shot up 1,000 feet before exploding, then floating down on tiny parachutes.

Pegasus crew for this session included Bill Proctor, Inka Petersen, Christine Albertsen,Paul Kassatkin, Jeanne Moje, Paul Marbury, and Peter Hayes. Mark Caplin and Scott Seidman met the group at the Coast Guard base and participated in the flare exercise.


February 16, 2001

Berkeley Boosters complete after-school voyage

A group of Berkeley Boosters fromMartin Luther King Jr. Middle Schoolcompleted an after-school voyage aboard the Pegasus on Feb. 9, 2001. All members of the group — and especially Cesar and Melissa — plucked up enough courage to ride on the bucking bowsprit in a strong southerly wind blowing during a short break in the winter storms pounding the Bay Area. The kids were stoked, and at the debriefing they vowed to return soon.

Pegasus crew included Jim Gaebe, Paul Marbury, Bill Proctor, Jeanne Moje, Peter Hayes, Inka Petersen, and Bill Gunn.

January 19, 2001

Pegasus crew completes trainingOn a blusterly, freezing cold northerly wind, the Pegasus Project conducted a day long crew training voyage on January 15. The crew practiced using a spring line to swing the bow of the boat against the wind upon departure from the dock as well as reducing the sail area in strong winds–a procedure known as slab reefing.

The voyage included three no-notice emergency recovery exercises for a person-overboard for the three crew in training–Christine Albertsen, Khadija Pierce, and Inka Petersen. Captains Peter Hayes and Bill Proctor directed the training.

The first school voyage in 2001 will be February 9th. The new Pegasus schedule will be posted shortly.


January 15, 2001

Pegasus crew trains for safety 

The Pegasus Project conducted a crew training Jan. 6 under the watchful eye of Captain Bill Proctor.

The crew exercised retrieving “Bob,” an adult-sized safety mannequin dressed in a lifejacket. The crew retrieved Bob from his fall overboard by stopping Pegasus by a maneuver known as “heaving to” — when the sails are used to stall the vessel. In addition, they practiced returning to a person overboard in the water.

This crew training is in preparation for a busy schedule of spring voyages with school students with the Shorebird Nature Center and after-school voyages with the Berkeley Boosters.

The procedures for retrieving a person-overboard are described in the Pegasus crew training manual. A PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) version of this manual was posted by crew member Christine Albertsen, and may now be viewed online.

The crew participating were Bill Proctor, Peter Hayes, Mark Caplin, Marena Drlik, Jeannie Moje, Richard Kambak, Bill Gann, Christine Albertsen, and Leif Brottem.


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