Article 9 as a Global Treasure

Article 9 as a Global Treasure

Towards Peace Without Dependence on the Use of Force

The circle of war and violence is endemic in today’s world. This is precisely why Article 9 has an increasing value to the world.

There are continued efforts throughout the world to build peace without the exertion of force. The abolition of nuclear weapons, the abolition of landmines, regulations on arms trade, the establishment of an International Criminal Court, peaceful means to conflict resolution and prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding; are only examples where citizens and NGOs are actively continuing their efforts.

The United Nations has also been calling on decreasing military expenditure, and reallocating limited resources to solving poverty, epidemics, disasters, and to protecting humans from war and violence. The Japanese Constitution also serves as a foundation for human security over national security, with its preamble recognizes that “all people in the world have the right to live in peace, free from fear and war.”

Japan’s Article 9 is a symbol for a peace without the exertion of force, a sustainable society, the realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals, and a support for efforts by peace aspiring citizens and NGOs of the world. Let us strive to realize a world, a just and fair world without war or poverty, where all countries have a constitution renouncing war. If Japan should renounce Article 9, the world will only take a step back in realizing this vision.