Nautilus Peace and Security – 8 January

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DETERRENCE: China develops anti-drone laser, Xinhua, November 2, 2014.

Drones now pose a threat in many countries. China tested a laser defense system able to destroy a low altitude drone (below 500 m and 50m/s speed) in a 2 km radius in 5 seconds of acquiring a target. China is developing more powerful laser systems similar to that tested by the US Navy in the Persian Gulf in November. Drone overflights already threaten nuclear reactors in France.

DPRK: Kim Jong-un’s New Year Address. (North) Korea Central News Agency. (1 January 2015).

Kim Jong-un’s New Year’s speech seems to stem more from desperation than hope – that should be cause for concern. North Korea often offers to talk but always with a long, unpublished list of demands. North Korea may assess they have not wringed enough out of previous talks in terms of concessions and driving wedges and so are offering the “highest level” of talks. The US placed more sanctions on North Korea. Whether sanctions compel desired changes or whether they work at all is still debatable.

GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Group launches #HackThemBack, a campaign to bring information to North Korea, Kate Scanlon, The Daily Signal (5 January 2015).

The Human Rights Foundation has launched a campaign to “hack back” the DPRK by sending information into the DPRK via balloons, something already done by several activist groups in the ROK. Groups are also planning to send copies of the Hollywood film “The Interview”. While debate over whether the DPRK is responsible for the Sony hack continues, the ROK has accused the DPRK of also hacking its nuclear power system while also proposing talks and resuming aid.

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