Nautilus Peace and Security – 15 January

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"Nautilus Peace and Security – 15 January", NAPSNet Weekly Report, January 15, 2015,

DETERRENCE: Strategic Negligence and the Sony Sideshow, Peter Hayes, NAPSNet Policy Forum, December 22, 2014

The Obama Administration handling of The Interview sideshow distracted it from stopping and reversing North Korea’s nuclear weapons breakout. The net result was increased risk of war, including nuclear war, making it harder than ever to reverse North Korea’s nuclear threat. By 2020, North Korea may have 79 nuclear weapons of fissile material. “Briefing: The North Korean Threat: Nuclear, missiles and cyber”. U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Foreign Affairs. (13 January 2015).

Many factors are coming together to indicate an extremely tense 2015 full of confrontation. US officials testified on North Korea’s cyber, nuclear, missiles and financial capabilities. They also revealed intent to “target” North Korean and Kim family finances. The last time the US restricted North Korean access to the international financial system so stringently there were many negative effects such as hastening North Korea’s rush to develop nuclear capability. At least North Korea indicates they know they can’t win a long war, but they apparently have designed a short war – thus lowering the threshold at which they commit national suicide.

GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: South Korea Launches World’s Second-Largest Carbon Trading Market, Katie Valentine, (12 January 2015)

The ROK has launched the world’s second largest carbon trading market behind the EU, as part of its plan to cut emissions by 30 percent by 2020 and with pushback from major industries, including steel. Trading in China’s current seven pilot carbon markets is expected to double in 2015, with a full carbon trading market expected to launch next year and to be larger than the EU market.

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