NAPSNET Week in Review 11 February, 2000

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"NAPSNET Week in Review 11 February, 2000", NAPSNet Weekly Report, February 11, 2000,

Korean Peninsula

1. DPRK Missiles

CIA Official Robert Walpole told the US Senate that the DPRK continues to sell missile to countries in the Middle East. The Washington Times reported that the DPRK recently sold missile parts to Iran. A CIA report to Congress said that the DPRK continues to aid Pakistan’s ballistic missile program. CIA Director George Tenet said that the US will face ballistic missile threats from the DPRK within the next 15 years.
“DPRK Missile Development” (Daily Report, February 11)
“DPRK Missile Sales” (Daily Report, February 9)
“Nuclear Issues” (South Asia Nuclear Dialogue, February 9)
“Missile Threat to US” (Nuclear Policy Flash)

2. Russia-DPRK Treaty

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov traveled to the DPRK to sign a new friendship treaty that does not include a provision to intervene in case of war on the Korean Peninsula.
“Russia-DPRK Treaty” (Daily Report, February 10)
“Russia-DPRK Treaty” (Daily Report, US, February 9)
“DPRK-Russia Relations” (Daily Report, ROK, February 9)
“RF-DPRK Treaty” (Daily Report, Russia, February 9)
“Russia-DPRK Talks” (Daily Report, February 8)

3. US-DPRK Talks

ROK Foreign Minister Lee Joung-binn gave details of the latest round of US-DPRK talks, recently completed in Berlin. Lee said that the two sides discussed the provisions for removing the DPRK from the list of terrorism-sponsoring nations.
“US-DPRK Talks” (Daily Report, February 9)
“US Sanctions on DPRK” (Daily Report, February 7)

4. Remains of US Soldiers from Korean War

The DPRK retreated from earlier claims that it had found the remains of 415 US soldiers killed during the Korean War, saying instead that it had found 4 or 5. The US proposed resuming talks on repatriation.
“DPRK-US Talks on War Remains” (Daily Report, February 9)

5. US-ROK Missile Talks

The US and the ROK held two days of missile talks in Hawaii this week. The DPRK criticized the ROK’s desire to increase its missile ranges.
“ROK-US Missile Talks” (Daily Report, February 8)
“US-ROK Missile Talks” (Daily Report, February 7)

6. Wartime Atrocities

US Army Secretary Louis Caldera said that the Army had not ruled out the possibility of holding criminal trials for those responsible for the alleged massacre of civilians during the Korean War. KBS-TV reported that ROK soldiers massacred Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War.
“ROK Atrocities during Vietnam War” (Daily Report, February 11)
“Korean War Massacre” (Daily Report, February 7)


7. PRC Naval Purchase

The PRC purchased a Sovremenney class destroyer, capable of being armed with anti-ship missiles, from Russia. The ship passed through the Taiwan Straits on its way to its news home port. US experts disagreed over the significance of Russian-PRC military cooperation.
“Russian Military Sales to PRC” (Daily Report, February 11)
“PRC Naval Development” (Daily Report, February 11)
“Russia-PRC Military Cooperation” (Daily Report, February 10)
“PRC Naval Purchases” (Daily Report, February 9)

8. Taiwan Security Enhancement Act

The PRC continued to express strong disapproval of the US House of Representatives’ passage of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act. Experts in the US and Taiwan disagreed on the effect that the bill would have on Taiwan’s security.
“PRC Response to TSEA” (Daily Report, February 8)
“Reactions to TSEA” (Daily Report, February 8)
“Taiwan Security Enhancement Act” (Nuclear Policy FLASH)


9. Japan-Russian Talks

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov traveled to Japan for talks with Foreign Minister Yohei Kono and Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi. The two sides agreed to hold a Japan-Russian summit as soon as possible after Russia’s March 26 presidential elections, in hopes of resolving their territorial issues and concluding a peace treaty.
“Japanese-Russian Talks” (Daily Report, February 11)
“Russia-Japan Talks” (Daily Report, February 10)
“RF-Japanese Relations” (Daily Report, February 9)

US Missile Defense

10. Missile Defense

The Clinton Administration plans to increase expenditures for missile defense in its next budget. US Representative Dana Rohrbacher called for sharing missile defense technology with Taiwan. US officials attributed the failure of the last intercept test to a plumbing leak. US Defense Secretary William Cohen traveled to Europe to try to gain support for US missile defense plans.
“US Missile Defense” (Daily Report, February 8)
“Taiwan Missile Defense” (Daily Report, February 8)
“Missile Defense Test” (Daily Report, February 8)
“US Missile Defense” (Daily Report, February 7)
“US Missile Defense Test” (Daily Report, February 7)
“US Missile Defense” (Nuclear Policy Flash)

11. Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright held talks with Russian acting President Vladimir Putin on START III and the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty. Duma Defense Committee Deputy Chairman Alexei Arbatov said that an ABM compromise was possible.
“Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty” (Nuclear Policy Flash)

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