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"N KOREA SAYS IT ‘WEAPONISED’ SPENT PLUTONIUM", Weekly Report, September 29, 2004, https://nautilus.org/napsnet/napsnet-weekly/n-korea-says-it-weaponised-spent-plutonium/

1. DPRK Plutonium Reprocessing

Financial Times (“N KOREA SAYS IT ‘WEAPONISED’ SPENT PLUTONIUM “, 2004-09-29) reported that the DPRK claims it has “weaponized” all of its spent plutonium rods because the US’s hostile policies towards Pyongyang leave it no choice but to develop a “nuclear deterrent”. After making the claims to the UN general assembly in New York on Monday, Choe Su-hon, the DPRK’s deputy foreign minister, said: “We have made clear that we have already reprocessed 8,000 wasted fuel rods and transformed them into arms.”

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