Weekly Report 14 June 1999

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Nautilus Director: Latest Korea Naval Standoff Likely To Be Defused
June 16, 1999
Nautilus Co-Executive Director Peter Hayes tells Ted Clark on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered that the ROK (South Korea) is under pressure to show “backbone” in dealing with the DPRK (North Korea), but there are signs of de-escalation. 


Nautilus Receives Asian Energy Security Grant from DOE
June 14, 1999
The US Department of Energy has granted the Nautilus Institute $750,000 over three years for a project “to improve common understandings and build confidence between actually or potentially adversarial states by increasing the transparency of energy planning and nuclear power projections in the region,” Peter Hayes, Nautilus Institute Co-Director, has announced.
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ESENA Research leads to AmbioPublication
June 14, 1999
“Energy Consumption and Acid Deposition in Northeast Asia” by David Streets et al. was published in the March 1999 issue of Ambio. The article is based in part on two papers by Gregory Carmichael, University of Iowa, and David Streets, Argonne National Laboratory, on acid rain issues in Northeast Asia. These two papers were originally commissioned by the Nautilus Institute for the Energy, Security, Environment in Northeast Asia (ESENA) Project.

Pegasus Project Launches Photo Gallery
June 14, 1999
Visit the Pegasus Project’s new Photo Gallery and check out photos and original artwork from the Institute’s student marine environment education program, the Pegasus Project.


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