Japan- Loan Application of Japan Atomic Power Company Tsurugua Nuclear Station

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Report Date: 06/01/1977
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Classification: Declassified

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First spearheaded by the Japan Atomic Power Company (JAPC), Japan has continuously built plants under the generous loans and support provided by Japanese and foreign banks and the Japanese government. With over 20 nuclear plants across Japan, these plants, and the use of nuclear energy in general, are under heavy scrutiny post-Fukushima.

This loan report from the Export-Import Bank of Washington highlights the finances and costs required to build the Tsurugua plant and illustrates how supportive the banks and the Japanese government were of building a nuclear plant.

“The Japan Development Bank has offered its unconditional guarantees of the obligations of the JAPC. Such guarantee is considered by the staff as the strongest available other than that of the Government, since the Japan Development Bank is strong in itself and is a Government institution. In addition to the guarantee, the active financial and constructive support of the nine power companies, the five industrial combines of Japan, and the Japanese Government can reasonably be expected.” [page 2]

This report was released to the Nautilus Institute under the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).