Nautilus Institute: Feedback

The Nautilus Institute welcomes your feedback, comments, and constructive criticisms. Thank you for taking the time to let us know your views. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • “I especially like the NAPSNet’s Daily Reports. By reading them, I get a sort of bird’s eye view on what’s going on, a sense of reassurance that my Yahoo! news alerts don’t provide. By reviewing your Daily Reports, I also sometimes read a trend that I find useful for my stories. I am grateful for your excellent work.”
    Choe Sang-Hun,
    IHT/Seoul correspondent
  • “I find that both NAPSNET and the DPRK Briefing Book make keeping up to date on my North Korean research much easier. With the former its a wide variety of news sources in an easily digestible format, and the latter a virtual treasure trove of source materials and analysis on this most complex topic.”
    Julie MacArthur
    Institute of Asian Research
    University of British Columbia
  • “I am always pleased with Nautilus email service and your essays.”
    – Chansu Park
    Washington DC Bureau Chief, Hankyoreh Daily Newspaper
  • Just as a matter of routine courtesy, let me express my appreciation of today’s Asia Energy Security Network (AESNet) report. It is of great value for my work as a security policy researcher on Asia. Today’s report was of especial relevance regarding China and North Korea.
    – Ingolf Kiesow
    Former Sweden Ambassador to the DPRK from 1979 to 1982.
  • Just as a matter of routine courtesy, let me express my appreciation of today’s Asia Energy Security Network (AESNet) report. It is of great value for my work as a security policy researcher on Asia. Today’s report was of especial relevance regarding China and North Korea.
    – Ingolf Kiesow
    Former Sweden Ambassador to the DPRK from 1979 to 1982.
  • Thank you for all the valuable materials [Nautilus] is sending. I read them continuously and make use of them.
    -Sverre Lodgaard
    Director Norweigan Institute of International Affairs
  • [Nautilus] does a great job all year and your updates are much appreciated!
    – Leif-Eric Easley, Ph.D. student,
    East Asian International Relations Harvard University Department of Government
  • I have been familiar with your own work and that of your colleagues at the Nautilus Institute for many years, and have been a subscriber for some years to NAPSNet, which I find to be an excellent source.
    – Aleksandr Ilitchev, Senior Officer
    United Nations Political Affairs Department
  • As Senior Officer in the UN Political Department dealing with NEA and the Peninsula in particular, I cannnot imagine carrying on my assignment without checking every working day Nautilus website. I actually find the work done by you and your Organization as fascinating.
    – Dr. Michael Hay,
    Founder of Korea Strategic Inc.
  • I must say your [DPRK Policy Forum] piece ‘Bush’s Bipolar Disorder and the Looming Failure of Multilateral Talks with North Korea’ is a gem! [It] is an inspired and cogent piece. I shall be drawing upon it, with due acknowledgement, unashamedly. Keep up the good work!
    – Richard Broinowski
    former Australian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
  • Very much appreciate your DPRK briefing book!
    – Richard Broinowski
    former Australian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
  • First of all, thank you for all the valuable materials [Nautilus] is sending me. I read them continuously – and make use of them.”
    -Sverre Lodgaard
    Director Norweigan Institute of International Affairs
  • The relevancy and importance of your work at the Nautilus Institute in today’s climate cannot possibly be overstated. I want you to know how very grateful I am, both personally and on behalf of the families and children whose futures we attempt to brighten, for your efforts.
    -David W. Manson, Jr.
    Executive Director of Berkeley Boosters
  • The Nautilus Institute has prepared an ingenious on-line [North Korea] briefing book covering two dozen policy areas.
    -William Dowel Editor
    The Global Beat, New York University President, Korea-U.S. Consulting, Inc.
  • Careful selection and depth of coverage makes SANDnet an indispensable resource for anyone involved with society and politics in South Asia.
    -Admiral L. Ramdas
    Former Chief of Naval Staff, India
  • The DPRK Briefing Book is an excellent resource. Thank you. I write not as a novice but someone with 30 year’s Korea experience. Keep it up.
    -President, Korea-U.S. Consulting, Inc.
    Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Korea Foreign Area Officer), Retired
  • I love NAPSNet! It is very worthwhile, and I find myself saving two or three squibs a day from it — and using them in my research. Whoever does it, does a great job
    -John J. Tkacik
    Jr. Research Fellow for China, Taiwan and Mongolia The Heritage Foundation
  • I continue to enjoy the fine reporting and work from your Institute.
    -Stanley Weeks
    Adjunct Professor
    US Naval War College
  • I admire what Nautilus is doing — and how much I have learned from you. I am quite impressed by your “niche network” approach to the DPRK.    Indeed, this manner of dealing with difficult situations is probably generalizable beyond the DPRK.
    John Arquilla
    author of Netwar and Associate Professor of Defense Analysis, US Naval Postgraduate School
  • Your reports provide valuable technical and legal insights into the question of the transfer of LWR technology [to the DPRK]. I have circulated them to officials involved in the issue. We would be grateful for any further analysis you may wish to provide.
    Robert Einhorn
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Non-proliferation
  • I just received the latest Napsnet email and, as always, I appreciate the great work your organization does.
    -Michael Lawrence
    Deputy Director of Public Programs
    World Affairs Council of Northern California
  • “You do impressive worldwide work in addition to your efforts on behalf of local youth”
    – Brad Smith
    Berkeley Waterfront Commission
  • “Superb effort, extremely useful”
    -Stephen Noerper
    Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
  • “Thank you for your excellent reporting”
    -Lee Gentry
    Senior Defense Analyst
    National Security Studies and Systems Group of SAIC
  • “Bravo. Go on with this quite useful work, rather non-partisan undertaking.”
    -G. Chang, UNESCO
  • “I like and use the service a great deal. What I would like to see is a comparable service for Southeast Asia focusing on regional security issues.”
    -Alan DuPont
    Asia-Pacific Security Program, Australian National University
  • “I do appreciate your service. It’s been simply wonderful to have all the information and analysis. I came to depend on it. Keep up the good work!”
    -Prof. Chong-sik Lee
    University of Pennsylvania
  • “On behalf of the students and faculty of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, thank you for the many courtesies extended to our Environment Industry seminar during its visit to your offices We deeply appreciate the extraordinarily informative and insightful presentations [that] you, Ms. Lyuba Zarsky, and Ms. Sandy Buffet provided. The discussions of environmental security in North Korea, global corporate accountability, and scenarios for the future of US-China relations were timely, instructive, and stimulating. In demonstrating the depth of expertise, intellectual prowess, and professionalism in your organization, you both impressed the members of our seminar and contributed materially to their education. For that, we are profoundly grateful.”
    -Major General H. Mashburn Jr. US Marine Corps, Commandant
  • SANDnet is for me an indispensable resource for keeping track of critical issues in South Asian security and political affairs on a regular basis. It is easy to scan fast, but also allows me to access quickly more information through the web. I know of no comparable resource anywhere.”
    -Marshall Bouton
    President, Chicago Council on Foreign Relations
  • Dodging Dilemmas? is the first truly comprehensive approach to the global impact of this sector. Overall, a fabulous report.”
    -Ann Blake, PhD
    Department of Toxic Substances Control
    California Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Nautilus Institute has been cited in Infography as one of the six superlative sources of information about the subject of “Korea — Politics and Government — 20th Century.”
  • “A terrific resource, that I’m very glad is out there. I hope, deeply, that you continue informing us of security developments in the region. Thank you”
    – Chris Centner
    US Dept. of Defense
  • “I particularly like your efforts to present relations between Asian nations. This is rare to come by in the US…. You run a great service, and I know that a large number of journalists and researchers regularly rely on your service to get their work done.”
    -E. B. Keehn,
    President, Japan-America Society
  • “The Daily Report keeps me informed about issues and events by providing information from many different sources, it’s great.”
    -Sandra Love,
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
  • “There’s no other source I know that reliably surveys the spectrum of current news from the Korean peninsula — by logging into NAPSNet, I’m spared the drudgery of checking a lot of individual, often obscure, publications.”
    -David Brown
    Senior Director of the Stanton Group
    Former director of the Office of Korean Affairs of the US State Department
  • “I find NAPSnet very useful, not only to keep up with what is going on but also as instruction material for my students.”
    -Han Sung-joo
    Professor at Korea University
    Former South Korean Foreign Minister
  • “I simply know of no other service like NAPSnet that provides the breadth and quality of information on Northeast Asia both to ordinary citizens like myself and to top policy-makers.”
    -Robert Scalapino, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at UC Berkeley
  • “The NAPSNet Daily Report has become the authoritative reference source for the latest news and views concerning critical issues of security, especially nuclear weapons proliferation threats, in the [Northeast Asia] region.”
    -Ambassador Donald Gregg, President, Korea Society
  • “Your service is excellent. I would like to add that I find your translated summaries of regional reaction to major events eg. Jiang’s US visit, or the revise US-Japan security agreement to be especially valuable, and impossible to get elsewhere. Congratulations to all your people. Keep up the good work!”
    – David Capie
    Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies, York University, Canada
  • “The NAPSNet Daily Report is an excellent source of information for both international and domestic developments in Northeast Asia, especially with respect to China. Drawing upon local scholars’ selections from their countries’ newspapers, NAPSNet provides its readers immediate and informative assessments of developments through the prism of each country’s press. NAPSNET informs American scholars interested in national views in Asia, scholars interested in international affairs, and think tank policymakers focusing upon a current crisis. It has no competitors and is essential for the understanding of developments in Northeast Asia, especially China.”
    -Professor Joyce Kallgren
    editor of the journal Asian Survey and board member of the US Committee on US-China Relations states