al-Asad Air Base

Introduction Location: Anbar Province, near the city of al-Baghdadi. 33° 48′ 0″ N, 42° 26′ 0″ E 33.8, 42.433333 Wikimapia Coalition ground troops operating as trainers for Iraqi forces have been based at Al-Asad since 2014. In February 2015 320 US Marines were reportedly based at al-Asad, and in March 2015, the Australian government announced that 300 Australian specialist trainers would be […]

Camp Taji

Introduction Location: Camp Taji is located 30 kms north of Baghdad, at 33° 31′ 46″ N, 44° 16′ 39″ E (33.529444, 44.2775) in the rural district of Taji (التاجي). Originally a Republican Guard base, it is now a joint base for both Iraqi and foreign, principally United States, forces, as well as private security contractors.  In February 2015, New Zealand prime minister […]

Baghdad Diplomatic Security Centre

Introduction In late November 2014, most of the 200 Australian Special Forces Task Group personnel were relocated from Al Minhad Air Base in the UAE to the Baghdad Diplomatic Security Centre in the Baghdad Airport Precinct. At that point the SATG was conducting assistance for close air support of Iraqi operations, and was preparing to move […]