Wesley Clark on North Korea

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Karin Lee, "Wesley Clark on North Korea", DPRK, September 24, 2003, https://nautilus.org/briefing-books/dprk/wesley-clark-on-north-korea/

Author:  Karin Lee <karin@fcnl.org>
Date:  24-Sep-2003 01:03:11


For those of you who are interested in what various candidates have to say about North Korea here is a clip from Wesley Clark’s website:

“We need to be talking to the North Koreans. They don’t want war. We don’t want war. But you know truth is, there are very few wars that begin by design. Most war begins as a result of miscalculation and accident and ratchet intentions that people aren’t smart enough to stop. And there is a risk in the situation in North Korea and our government needs to engage in that situation now. Not only working multi-laterally, but working bi-laterally with North Korea to turn off the tap on the nuclear weapons production and work so that regime doesn’t feel compelled to either proliferate or strike out.” (Source: June 17, 2003 speech http//www.women4clark.com/transcripts/ndnspeech.htm)


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