The Hidden Gulag

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Lee Wheeler, "The Hidden Gulag", DPRK, October 30, 2003,

Author:  Lee Wheeler <>
Date:  30-Oct-2003 07:14:53




Thanks for the interesting and scary report.  I read one of the refugees’ book, Aquariums of Pyongyang while in South Korea last month and I could easily that being true in North Korea.  I could almost sense the presence of some of those gulags in people’s faces and knew we were traveling quite close to some of the camps.  This report talks about and has satellite images of Kaechon city we drive right through!


I have been very interested in getting some high quality satellite images of our 4 farms.  To me it would help alot in drawing out more detailed discussions from the farm management about food production and ways to improve it.  Randy thinks I am frivilous in my endeavors.  Oh well he is silly too in other things!!




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Several days ago, press reports announced the release of “The Hidden Gulag:  Exposing North Korea’s Prison Camps.”   The link for that report is now working:


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