Military Construction Appropriations and Relocation of U.S. Forces in Korea

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Karin Lee, "Military Construction Appropriations and Relocation of U.S. Forces in Korea", DPRK, November 05, 2003,

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Relevant sections of the Conference Report, as printed in the November 4 Congressional Record, below



Congressional Record: November 4, 2003 (House)]
[Page H10253-H10281]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []


ACT, 2004

Mr. YOUNG of Florida (during consideration of H. Con. Res. 280)
submitted the following conference report and statement on the bill
(H.R. 2559) making appropriations for military construction, family
housing, and base realignment and closure for the Department of Defense
for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2004, and for other purposes:

[deleted section]



Korea–Camp Humphreys: Barracks.–The administration has
informed Congress of its plans to move substantial numbers of
United States forces in Korea to bases south of their present
locations, with Camp Humphreys being the primary
consolidation point for the shift of U.S. Army combat forces
and for personnel currently stationed at Yongsan Garrison. To
support this transformation, the May 1, 2003 budget amendment
requested that $212,000,000 in FY 2004 and prior year
construction projects intended for other bases in Korea be
moved to Camp Humphreys; extensive additional construction at
the base is planned for future fiscal years. However,
according to U.S. Forces Korea officials, no master plan
exists for construction at Camp Humphreys, and cost-sharing
arrangements to fund the move of U.S. forces are still under
negotiation between the governments of the United States and
the Republic of Korea.
While the conferees support the Defense Department’s
overall plan for the relocation of U.S. forces in Korea and
have provided funding in this appropriations bill for two
projects at Camp Humphreys, they are concerned that planning
for this significant undertaking is insufficiently developed
at this time. Though planning may proceed, construction may
not proceed on the two barracks at Camp Humphreys provided
for in this Act until:
(1) A master facilities plan is developed for the entire
Camp Humphreys installation which accommodates the
anticipated relocation of U.S. forces to that facility, and
(2) Cost-sharing arrangements for the relocation of U.S.
forces are agreed to by the governments of the United States
and the Republic of Korea.
Upon completion, the master facilities plan should be
presented to the Military Construction Subcommittees.

[deleted section]


The conference agreement deletes the House provision
requiring the Secretary of Defense to certify and report to
Congress that the United States and the Republic of Korea
have entered into an agreement on the availability of land
before obligating or expending funds made available in the
bill for construction projects at Camp Humphreys, Korea. The
Senate bill contained no similar provision.


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