Chosun Ilbo: Pyongyang Loosens Border Controls (2004.03.15)

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Karin Lee, "Chosun Ilbo: Pyongyang Loosens Border Controls (2004.03.15)", DPRK, March 17, 2004,

Author:  Karin Lee <>
Date:  17-Mar-2004 12:50:25

Pyongyang Loosens Border Controls  (2004.03.15)


According to ethnic Korean-Chinese regional officials in Yanbian province on Monday, the North Korean government has eased requirements for North Koreans visiting China, leading to an increase in the number of North Korean crossing the border to visit China.

After the North Korean government recently decided to allow North Koreans over 50 with relatives in China to visit the country, the number of North Koreans visiting China from cities near the border, such as Tumen, has dramatically expanded, the officials said. The Chinese authorities permit North Korean visitors to enter the country after only a cursory identity check, unless the visitors breach border regulations.

Kim Jin-kyung, President of Yanbian Science and Technology College said during his visit to Seoul last week that North Korea was planning to immediately issue a pass to those older than 55 years old with relatives in China to enable them to go to China and seek food. With the easing of border regulations, North Korea appears to be seeking to relieve its food shortage and to decrease the number of defectors.

The North Korean government issued a temporary pass to permit people to visit China for a minimum of three months in the past. But it has rigorously banned North Koreans from visiting China since Yang Bin, the proposed minister of the Shinuiju special economic zone, was arrested by the Chinese government in October of 2002.

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