Status of Forces Agreement – Iraq (2014)

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"Status of Forces Agreement – Iraq (2014)", Australia in Iraq, November 09, 2014,

According to News Corp correspondent Paul Toohey, while elements of the Iraqi government had expressed concerns about agreements to allow foreign ground troops into the country, including Australia Special Operations Task Group,

“the Australian F/A-18F Super Hornets flying combat missions over Iraq operate under an agreement separate to the planned SoFA. It was negotiated between Baghdad and Coalition countries and gives them diplomatic clearance to fly over Iraq and conduct strikes.”

On 20 October Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told reporters that as a result of her negotiations with the Iraqi government, “we have reached agreement on the legal framework for our Special Forces to be deployed,” clearing the way for the Special Operations Task Group to begin operations in Iraq.

On 5 November the government announced that the SOTG could begin operations in Iraq within a week, but that the agreement would not be disclosed. Chief of Joint Operations Vice Admiral David Johnston said that

“The government of Iraq has asked that we not reveal the nature of the arrangement between the two countries.”


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