APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, April 2, 2007

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Monday 2 April 2007

  1. Indonesia ‘May Join Pacific Solution’
  2. East Timor President Lambasts Ruling Party
  3. Japan to Continue Support in Iraq
  4. Rivals Say Seasprites are not so Super
  5. Howard’s U-turn on India
  6. ‘Axis of Democracy’ Flexes its Military Muscles

  1. Indonesia ‘May Join Pacific Solution’, Cath Hart, Australian, 2007-03-30

    Indonesia would become part of Australia’s offshore immigration processing regime under a proposal from Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews that critics claim will expand the Government’s controversial Pacific Solution. Mr Andrews said the partnership would go ahead only if Indonesia agreed to process future unauthorised boat arrivals in accordance with UN regulations.


  2. East Timor President Lambasts Ruling Party, John Aglionby, FT, 2007-03-30

    Xanana Gusmao, East Timor president, accused the ruling FRETILIN party of corruption, arrogance and mismanagement that had put the fledgling country on a path of violence and economic stagnation since its 2002 independence. Mr Gusmao said the young country’s governing elite had built a record that compared unfavourably even with Indonesia’s brutal 24-year rule.

  3. Japan to Continue Support in Iraq, Reuters, CNN, 2007-03-30

    Japan’s cabinet approved extending a law that allows its air force to fly support missions to Iraq for another two years. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the law, which is set to expire in July, would be extended in response to requests for continued support from the UN and Iraq. The legislation now goes to parliament where it is expected to pass. Japan withdrew its 600 ground troops from Iraq last year.

  4. Rivals Say Seasprites are not so Super, Geoffrey Barker, AFR*, 2007-04-02

    The Navy’s Super Seasprites have been grounded for almost a year. The $1 billion Seasprite program has been delayed for six years. The program may now be scrapped. US and European rivals are lining up to offer modern helicopters to replace the ten ill-fated Super Seasprite navy helicopters.
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  5. Howard’s U-turn on India, Katharine Murphy, Age, 2007-03-30

    Prime Minister John Howard has publicly endorsed India’s push to join the world’s nuclear club and signalled Australian uranium could be sold to the subcontinent if New Delhi accepts strict safeguards. Mr Howard said yesterday his Government was likely to back a proposed nuclear co-operation deal between Washington and New Delhi.


  6. ‘Axis of Democracy’ Flexes its Military Muscles, Hisane Masaki, Asia Times, 2007-03-31

    Japan and the US have been ardently courting India recently for what appears to be an emerging “axis of democracy” in Asia, also involving Australia, primarily aimed at keeping China in check. In a significant sign that these efforts by Japan and the US may be bearing fruit, the two countries and India are preparing to hold their first-ever joint military exercise in the Pacific Ocean near Japan.


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