APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, December 4, 2006

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APSNet for 20061204

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Monday 4 December 2006

  1. Fiji Police Say Military Has Not Attempted to Take Over its Tactical Response Unit
  2. One Dead, 17 Hurt in East Timor Violence
  3. Iraq: Rumsfeld’s Shocking Memo
  4. After Iraq
  5. Out of Control in Indonesia
  6. NT to Jail all Illegal Fishermen
  1. Fiji Police Say Military Has Not Attempted to Take Over its Tactical Response Unit, RNZI, 2006-12-04

    Fiji’s acting police commissioner, Moses Driver, says the military has not attempted to take over the police tactical response unit, as reported earlier by the local media. Mr Driver said that the report, which sparked off fears that a coup was under way, was not accurate. The military commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, is continuing to insist that he will replace the government if it does not resign.

  2. One Dead, 17 Hurt in East Timor Violence, AAP, Age, 2006-12-04

    A man has been hacked to death and another 17 people injured in overnight gang fighting in East Timor’s capital, Dili, a hospital official has said. Meanwhile, two of the country’s main martial arts gangs are fighting in the city’s streets, after minor clashes over the weekend escalated. Gangs armed with rocks, swords, metal bars and bows and arrows are facing off in central Dili.

  3. Rumsfeld’s Shocking Memo; Over 100 Dead in Sectarian Violence, Juan Cole, Informed Comment, 2006-12-03

    The NYT has gotten hold of a memo by Donald Rumsfeld detailing options on Iraq. Several things struck me about it:

    1. Rumsfeld doesn’t understand the magnitude of the crisis or the tightrope the US is walking in the Gulf.
    2. Rumsfeld spends more time plotting out how to manipulate the American public than how to win the war.
    3. Rumsfeld openly admits that he wants to run Iraq just like Saddam did.
  4. After Iraq, Owen Harries, Lowy Institute, December 2006 [PDF]

    It is extremely dubious whether uncritical, loyal support for a bad, failed American policy will have enhanced our standing as an ally. What Australia must learn from the Iraq experience is that it should not commit itself to marching in lock-step with anyone – let alone a superpower committed to an incredibly ambitious program of global change, deeply divided domestically, [with] the most inept president since Warren G. Harding.


  5. AIDS Out of Control in Indonesia, News-Medical.Net, 2006-11-29

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about the AIDS situation in Indonesia and says it is out of control there. The warning comes as the Indonesian government has predicted that up to a million people may be infected by 2010.

  6. NT to Jail all Illegal Fishermen, AAP, Age, 2006-12-04

    The Northern Territory will jail all illegal fishermen captured in Australia under a federal government plan. The NT government is concerned it will lead to a blow-out in jail numbers, already bordering on full capacity. NT Justice Minister, Syd Stirling, said the federal government had estimated 350 illegal fisherman would be jailed in the territory over the next few years and a new prison would be needed.

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