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Thursday 31 August 2006

  1. Rebel Officer in Timor Mass Jailbreak
  2. UN Acts to Stamp out Sex Abuse by Staff in East Timor
  3. PNG Arrests Indonesian Fishermen
  4. Papua Shrouded by Misperceptions
  5. Australia: Weapons Cover-Up Revealed
  6. Indonesia’s Powderkeg
  7. World Bank Calls on Indonesia to Do More to Fight Bird Flu Virus
  8. Physicist Joins PM’s Nuclear Taskforce
  1. Rebel Officer in Timor Mass Jailbreak, Lindsay Murdoch, SMH, 2006-8-31

    Alfredo Reinado, has escaped from Dili’s main jail with 55 other prisoners, including police accused of serious crimes during the violence in May. The escape has created a new crisis for international security forces in East Timor, who have been struggling to curb gang violence.


  2. UN Acts to Stamp out Sex Abuse by Staff in East Timor, Lindsay Murdoch, Age, 2006-08-30

    For years the UN attempted to cover up perverted and outrageous behaviour by uniformed and civilian personnel who have served in East Timor since 1999. Dr Hasegawa declared that the UN’s Integrated Mission in East Timor (UNMIT), which became operational on Monday, would enforce a “zero tolerance” policy towards sexual exploitation and abuse committed by UN personnel.

  3. PNG Arrests Indonesian Fishermen, AAP, SMH, 2006-08-29

    PNG has arrested another 17 Indonesians for illegal fishing, three weeks after its soldiers shot dead an Indonesian man suspected of poaching. Naval officers arrested the 17 inside PNG waters, amid simmering tensions with Jakarta over the shooting. Jakarta has accused its neighbour of using excessive force after PNG Defence Force soldiers patrolling a common border fired on 10 fishermen on August 8.

  4. Papua Shrouded by Misperceptions, Sidney Jones, AFR*, 2006-08-29

    The crisis with Indonesia over Papuan asylum seekers is over for now, but the core problem hasn’t gone away. Yudhoyono has promised much and thus far delivered little. It remains to be seen whether his government, and the two newly elected Papuan governors, with significant resources at their disposal, can turn things around.
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  5. Weapons Cover-Up Revealed, Marian Wilkinson, SMH, 2006-08-31

    The Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, issued instructions to suppress a damning letter about the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after the war, a former senior diplomat says.


  6. 100 Indonesia’s Powderkeg, Julia Suryakusuma and Tim Lindsey, Age, 2006-08-31

    Indonesia is in the middle of an explosive debate about whether conservative Islamic morality will become enforceable law in that nation of 230 million. It is a debate that threatens to unravel the secular foundation of the republic itself. While decentralisation may deliver political democracy to the regions, it may also deny social democracy – at least for women and non-Muslims.


  7. World Bank Calls on Indonesia to Do More to Fight Bird Flu Virus, Jakarta Post, 2006-08-31

    The World Bank criticized Indonesia’s efforts to fight bird flu, saying the country must increase its spending on the virus if it wants more financial help from the international community. Indonesia, the worst-hit country by bird flu, said last week it was allocating US$46.5 million (euro36.3 million) to fight bird flu next year, down from US$54.4 million this year.

  8. Physicist Joins PM’s Nuclear Taskforce, Katharine Murphy, Age, 2006-08-29

    John Howard has drafted another in-principle supporter of nuclear energy, Melbourne Professor Peter Johnston, to the taskforce investigating the viability of the industry. Professor Johnston, the head of physics at RMIT’s School of Applied Sciences, joined the taskforce for a meeting yesterday in the inquiry that will report to the Federal Government by the end of the year.



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