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Thursday 2 March 2006

  1. Missile Purchase to Upset Region
  2. Kopassus Troops Train in Australia
  3. Papua Travel Ban Halts Abuse Scrutiny: Envoy
  4. Mystery of How Vessel Was Lost
  5. Navy Figures Highlight Illegal Fishing Patrol Clashes
  1. Missile Purchase to Upset Region, Cameron Stewart, Australian, 2006-03-01

    Australia’s F/A-18 fighters will be armed with the most lethal long-range cruise missiles in the region, a move likely to upset our Asian neighbours. The decision to choose the Lockheed Martin Joint Air-To-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) will be seen by Indonesia as provocative, given that Jakarta has previously warned that such missiles could trigger a regional arms race.

  2. Kopassus Troops Train in Australia, Max Blenkin, Herald Sun, 2006-03-01

    Members of Indonesia’s Kopassus Special Forces spent the past two weeks in counter-terrorism training in Australia, Defence said today. Members of the specialist counter-terrorist Kopassus Unit 81 trained alongside members of Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment in Perth.


  3. Papua Travel Ban Halts Abuse Scrutiny: Envoy, Tom Allard, SMH, 2006-03-01

    The Indonesian Government is preventing human rights observers from monitoring the situation in Papua amid “worrying” reports of abuses in the troubled province, says the United Nations’ special envoy on the prevention of genocide, Juan Mendez.

  4. Mystery of How Vessel Was Lost, Patrick Walters, Australian, 2006-02-28

    Senior defence sources have queried John Howard’s claim that the asylum-seeker vessel SIEV 4 sank as a result of deliberate sabotage by those on board. Experts familiar with the SIEV 4 case say it is impossible to be certain about the cause of the sinking of the vessel that became famous as the centrepiece of the children overboard affair.

  5. Navy Figures Highlight Illegal Fishing Patrol Clashes, ABC News Online, 2006-02-28

    New figures from the Defence Department show warning shots have been fired at suspected illegal fishing boats 19 times since July last year. There have been 18 incidents of alleged illegal fishermen behaving aggressively towards Navy patrol boats over the past year, including throwing burning objects and lumps of concrete. Since July 2005, the Navy has boarded 210 suspected illegal fishing boats, taking more than 100 into custody.


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