APSNet for 20060216

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APSNet for 20060216

Austral Peace and Security Network (APSNet)

Thursday 16 February 2006

Bi-weekly report from the Nautilus Institute at RMIT, Australia.

  1. ADF Shuns Used Gear After Bungle On Choppers
  2. New Iraq Role Ahead
  3. Bird Flu Threatens Misery For Millions
  4. Special Report: Australia, Japan and Southern Blue Fin Tuna
  1. ADF Shuns Used Gear After Bungle On Choppers,
    Brendan Nicholson, Age, 2006-02-16

    Long delays and serious problems with a $1 billion contract to rebuild a fleet of 1960s helicopters for the navy have driven the Australian Defence Force to swear it will never again buy second-hand equipment.

  2. New Iraq Role Ahead,
    Patrick Walters and Peter Alford, Australian, 2006-02-14

    Australian troops will stay in Iraq, most likely in training roles, after the expected wind-up of the al-Muthanna task group later this year. A scaled-down Australian ground force in Iraq is likely to be matched by a steady build-up in Afghanistan where about 500 Australians could be stationed by later this year.

  3. Bird Flu Threatens Misery For Millions,
    Peter Hartcher and John Garnaut, SMH, 2006-02-16

    Avian flu could kill up to 214,000 Australians in a serious global outbreak according to a new projection by Professor Warwick McKibbin and Dr Alexandra Sidorenko. The findings will be presented at the Lowy Institute in Sydney.

  4. Briefing note: Australia, Japan and Southern Blue Fin Tuna

    Japan Taking ‘Illegal’ Tuna , Verity Edwards, Australian, 2006-02-11
    Hagen Stehr [Chairman, Clean Seas Tuna Ltd] has called on Canberra to impose sanctions on Japan in a crackdown against international poachers. A spokesman for federal Fisheries Minister Eric Abetz said the Government was aware of the discrepancies between international quotas and what appeared on the Japanese fish markets.

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