APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, January 26, 2006

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APSNet for 20060126

Austral Peace and Security Network (APSNet)

Thursday 26 January 2006

Bi-weekly report from the Nautilus Institute at RMIT, Australia.

  1. Defence In Shambles: Beazley
  2. PNG: New Threat To Enhanced Cooperation Programme
  3. Army Base Expansion Approved
  4. Poor Report Card On Environment
  1. Defence In Shambles: Beazley,
    AAP, Australian, 2006-01-25

    Defence minister Robert Hill left the portfolio in a shambles, with overseas troop commitments taking greater priority than domestic security, said Labour. “[The government] is not succeeding in replacing our F-111s and F/A-18s” said Mr Beazley, who also called for a revival of the coastguard debate.

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    b. Transformation or Stagnation? Rethinking Australia’s Defence, Alan Dupont, The Menzies Research Centre Ltd, 2002

    c. Grand Strategy, National Security and the Australian Defence Force, Dr. Alan Dupont, Lowy Institute, 2005

    d. Rethinking the Defence of Australia, Paul Monk, Austhink, 2003

    e. The Howard Government’s Defence White Paper: Policy, Process and Politics, Graeme Cheeseman, Australian Review of Public Affairs, July 2001

  2. PNG: New Threat To Enhanced Cooperation Programme,
    PINA, 2006-01-25

    After Australian Attorney General Philip Ruddock flew into Port Moresby for talks with the government, it was announced that an Australian would be appointed Solicitor General and assisted by three senior litigation lawyers. Yesterday, Western province governor Dr Bob Danaya, an avid critic of the ECP, raised questions about the legality of appointing an Australian to the key post in the Justice Department.

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    a. The ECP and Australia’s Middle Power Ambitions, Alan Patience, State, Society And Governance In Melanesia Project, ANU, Discussion Paper 2005/4

    b. Clever People Solving Difficult Problems – Perspectives on Weakness of State and Nation in Papua New Guinea, Anthony J. Regan, State Society and Society in Melanesia Project Working Paper No. 2, ANU, 2005/2

    c. Human Rights Overview – Papua New Guinea, Human Rights Watch 2006
    The police routinely use violence, including torture, against individuals in custody. This summary focuses on police violence against children and does not offer a comprehensive survey of human rights conditions in the country.

  3. Army Base Expansion Approved,
    AAP, Australian, 2006-01-24

    The Federal Government has approved the acquisition of land close to the Cultana training area in S.A. Leaseholders and local indigenous groups have been informed of the decision. The training centre, used by Army units for manoeuvre and weapons training, will triple in size, making it one of Australia’s largest military training areas.

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    c. Infrastructure/Cultana Training Area, South Australia – The Defence Industry Choice, SA Defence, 2004

    d. Upper Spencer Gulf: Defence Location of Choice, Upper Spencer Gulf Common Purpose Group
    A collaborative venture between the cities of Port Augusta, Port Pirie and Whyalla

  4. Poor Report Card On Environment,
    Wendy Frew, SMH, 2006-01-26

    Australia has failed to commit adequate resources and effort towards environmental protection and is trailing other developed nations in providing its citizens with clean water and sustainable energy, a study by researchers at Yale and Columbia universities says.

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