APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, November 28, 2005

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APSNet for 20051128

Austral Peace and Security Network (APSNet)

Monday 28 November 2005

Bi-weekly report from the Nautilus Institute at RMIT, Australia.

  1. Pressure Mounts For Sedition Laws To Be Delayed
  2. Defence Focus On Upgrades
  3. Preparing To Fight The Wrong War
  4. America Loses Its Grip On Asia
  5. Military’s Ranks Dwindling
  6. Inquiry Examines Case For N-Power
  7. Australian Greenhouse Emissions Up
  1. Pressure Mounts For Sedition Laws To Be Delayed,
    Tom Allard, SMH, 2005-11-28

    The Government will come under intense pressure to make big changes in the sedition provisions in its counter-terrorism laws, with its senators expected to report today that these are deeply flawed.

  2. Defence Focus On Upgrades,
    Christopher Jay, AFR*, 2005-11-25

    A deal has been put in place on upgrades for Australia’s ageing P3-Orion maritime patrol turboprop aircraft. Tenix Defence, Australian Aerospace and the Australian government have signed a master agreement on $1 billion of upgrades and life support (TLS) for the AP-3C weapon system.
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  3. Preparing To Fight The Wrong War,
    Brian Toohey, AFR*, 2005-11-26

    The US navy is buying a fast, highly versatile new generation low-cost warship from Perth-based Austal. While the Australian navy is spending at least $6 billion on three large air-warfare destroyers (AWDs) originally designed to combat the threat posed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s.
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  4. America Loses Its Grip On Asia,
    Tony Walker, AFR*, 2005-11-26

    George Bush’s visit to Asia shows how influence in the region has shifted from the US to China. Lack of direction from the US is not necessarily unwelcome in Beijing, which is advancing Chinese interests regionally and internationally at a time when a weakened US President is distracted by a debilitating war.
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  5. Military’s Ranks Dwindling,
    Brendan Nicholson, Age, 2005-11-25

    The low numbers in Australia’s defence forces are serious, Minister Deanne Kelly warns. Over this year, the ADF ranks fell by 1033. At present, 1600 Australian personnel are deployed overseas. The total strength of the ADF is more than 1000 down on the intended strength of 52,872, planned for 2004 to 2005.

  6. Inquiry Examines Case For N-Power,
    David Uren, Australian, 2005-11-28

    Science Minister Brendan Nelson and Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane have put a proposal for an inquiry into the nuclear industry, costed at less than $1million, to John Howard.

  7. Australian Greenhouse Emissions Up,
    AAP, Australian, 2005-11-19

    Australian greenhouse gas emissions have increased 23 per cent over the last 13 years according to a report prepared by the Bonn-based United Nations Climate Change secretariat. The report, covering the period between 1990 and 2003, found Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions had risen 23.3 per cent on 1990 levels.

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