APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, November 14, 2005

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APSNet for 20051114

Austral Peace and Security Network (APSNet)

Monday 14 November 2005

Bi-weekly report from the Nautilus Institute at RMIT, Australia.

  1. There Is No Threat To Freedom Of Speech
  2. Sedition Law Should Be Made Redundant
  3. Hottest Year On Record Tipped
  4. Getting Heads Together On Use Of Spy Cameras
  1. There Is No Threat To Freedom Of Speech,
    Philip Ruddock, SMH, 2005-11-14

    The new sedition laws are a work in progress and the Government is open to debate on their final form. The Government is seeking to codify the main provisions and modernise the existing offence of sedition by removing outdated terminology.

  2. Sedition Law Should Be Made Redundant,
    Ian Barker, SMH, 2005-11-14

    Australia has not needed a law against sedition since at least 1949, and there is no need for one now. There is a significant difference in the proposed law of sedition when compared with the existing law.

  3. Hottest Year On Record Tipped,
    AAP, AGE, 2005-11-14

    The Bureau of Meteorology says the months from January to October were the warmest since monthly records began in 1950. “This really emphasises how pervasive global warming actually is”, said Dr David Jones, head of climate analysis at the National Climate Centre.

  4. Getting Heads Together On Use Of Spy Cameras,
    Rachel Lebihan, AFR, 2005-11-11

    National draft standards for the use of closed-circuit television cameras* have been issued, as government and industry tightened their response to the threat of terrorism.

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    Of related interest:

    An overview of the effectiveness of closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance, Research Note, Department of Parliamentary Services, 28 Oct. 2005 http://www.aph.gov.au/library/pubs/RN/2005-06/06rn14.pdf

    The draft standards are available for public comment until 10 December 2005

    Part 1: Management and Operation Code of Practice http://www.standards.org.au/downloads/AS4806-1.pdf

    Part 2: Application Guidelines http://www.standards.org.au/downloads/AS4806-1.pdf

    Part 3: PAL Signal Timings and Levels: http://www.standards.org.au/downloads/AS4806-3.pdf