APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 8, 2010

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APSNet 8 September 2010

  1. Power Shift: Australia’s future between Washington and Beijing
  2. Indonesia: A relationship in need of a rethink
  3. Autonomy failing in West Papua
  4. Pledge to probe defence contract
  5. Embassy in Ethiopia a UN gambit
  6. Alarm over rise in SE Asian piracy


1. Power Shift: Australia’s future between Washington and Beijing, Hugh White, Quarterly Essay 39, September 2010-09-08

Throughout our history, we have counted first on British then on American primacy in Asia. Now the rise of China as an economic powerhouse challenges US dominance and raises questions for Australia that go well beyond diplomacy and trade – questions about our place in the world, our loyalties and our long-term security. This visionary essay considers the shape of the world to come and the implications for Australia as it seeks to carve out a place in the new world order.

2. A relationship in need of a rethink, Michael Wesley, SMH, 2010-09-04

In a startlingly short period of time, Australia will for the first time in its history have a more powerful neighbour. This will represent the most profound wrench to our geostrategic situation since the decolonisation of Asia 60 years ago. It will mean there will be no relationship as important to us as that with Jakarta.

3. Autonomy failing in West Papua, Tom Allard, Age, 2010-09-04

A consensus is emerging in Indonesia that special autonomy for the fractious province of West Papua has failed. Among Indonesian military advisers, policy analysts and the indigenous population of the resource-rich region, there is near unanimity that the policy introduced almost 10 years ago to placate separatist sentiment has deepened discontent. And few agree on how to fix it.

4. Pledge to probe defence contract, Richard Baker, Age, 2010-09-03

Defence Minister John Faulkner has promised a “further examination” of a $30 million contract scandal to fly Australian troops to the Middle East, while his department has suggested other authorities could be asked to investigate.

5. Embassy in Ethiopia a UN gambit, Daniel Flitton, Age, 2010-09-03

Australia will soon open an embassy in Ethiopia in what is widely seen as an attempt to bolster the campaign to win a prized seat on the United Nations Security Council. The new diplomatic post will be located in the capital, Addis Ababa, and is a crucial location to lobby countries from across Africa.

6. Alarm over rise in SE Asian piracy, Karon Snowdon, ABC, 2010-09-07

Calls have gone out for more action to combat piracy in the South China Sea after the latest attack – there have been nine pirate attacks in the area between Singapore and Borneo in the past three weeks. ??In the latest attack, armed men boarded a Japanese tanker near Indonesia’s Mangkai Island and robbed the crew.

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