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APSNet 5 February 2009

  1. Russia says it wants to Help US in Afghanistan
  2. Required Reading on the Pakistani Taliban: Syed Saleem Shahzad
  3. RI Gets Three New Sukhoi, Vows to Strengthen Capacity
  4. Alleged Kingpin Held as Boat Stopped
  5. Jakarta Needs Overhaul in Key Locations
  6. Pledge to Safeguard Military Spending
  7. France’s Areva, India Sign Nuclear Reactor Deal

1. Russia says it wants to Help US in Afghanistan, Mike Eckel, AP, 2009-02-05

President Dmitry Medvedev has said that Russia and its ex-Soviet allies want to help the United States stabilize Afghanistan, saying Moscow wanted “full-fledged” cooperation with Washington. He spoke a day after the ex-Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan announced it would evict the U.S. from an air base key to the Afghan war after getting a promise for $2 billion in loans from Russia.

2. Required Reading on the Pakistani Taliban: Syed Saleem Shahzad, China Matters, 2009-02-02

When it is necessary to motivate government troops to do their bloody business against their fellow citizens by promoting the canard that the enemy–bearded Islamic fundamentalists intent upon instituting Sharia law and energized by secularized Pakistan’s kowtowing to the United States and the lack of progress on Kashmir–are proxies for India’s intelligence agency, that’s a sign of a military effort in deep trouble.

3. RI Gets Three New Sukhoi, Vows to Strengthen Capacity, Andi Hajramurni, Jakarta Post, 2009-02-03

Indonesia has received three new Sukhoi jet fighters from Russia in a bid to strengthen aerial defense following a series of deadly accidents caused by outdated aircraft. Indonesia now has 7 Sukhoi model fighters, all of which were purchased from Russia through a credit scheme. Defense Ministry secretary general Lt. Gen. Sjafrie Syamsuddin said Indonesia was expecting to receive another three planes by August.

4. Alleged Kingpin Held as Boat Stopped, Tom Allard, SMH, 2009-02-03

Indonesian and Australian police have arrested a man believed to be responsible for sending as many as four boatloads of asylum seekers to Australia. The joint operation conducted in south-east Sulawesi also resulted in a boat containing 40 Afghan and Pakistani asylum-seekers being prevented from making the journey to Australia, as well the seizure of a boat and the arrest of its crew.

5. Jakarta Needs Overhaul in Key Locations, Thom Smyth, Jakarta Post, 2009-02-04

Overhauling city aviation and transportation security should be top priorities for Jakarta, an Australian national security expert has said. The massive blaze at Pertamina’s fuel depot two weeks ago has raised questions about the security of other critical infrastructure in the country and the readiness of security agencies to respond to threats. 

6. Pledge to Safeguard Military Spending, Mark Dodd, Australian, 2009-02-04

Defence spending will continue to rise at 3 per cent in real terms until 2017-18, in line with Labor’s pre-election commitment. While all areas of public spending are under scrutiny, the Government said it would honour its pledge to maintain real defence growth.

7. France’s Areva, India Sign Nuclear Reactor Deal, CBC News, 2009-02-04

French nuclear giant Areva has signed a preliminary deal to provide India with up to six new-generation nuclear reactors, expanding the list of countries that are adopting the technology in response to skyrocketing energy demand.

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