APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, July 3, 2008

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APSNet 3 July 2008

  1. Defence to Act on Black Hawk Inquiry
  2. Iraq Sues AWB over Oil-For-Food Bribery Scandal
  3. US Praises Nuclear Treaty, Silent on Rudd Plan
  4. NNSA Trains Southeast Asian Nations in Nuclear Safeguards
  5. War in Philippines ‘More Likely Than Not’
  6. Timorese Look to Life after Horta
  7. House to Pass W. Papua Autonomy Bill

1. Defence to Act on Black Hawk Inquiry, Patrick Walters, Australian, 2008-07-01

Defence will adopt all the key recommendations flowing from the board of inquiry report into the crash of an army Black Hawk helicopter in November 2006. Senior government sources confirmed yesterday that the report of the board of inquiry, headed by former Supreme Court judge David Levine QC, will be released on July 15 after an exhaustive review of its findings by Defence leaders, including chief Angus Houston.

2. Iraq Sues AWB over Oil-For-Food Bribery Scandal, Michelle Grattan, Age, 2008-07-02

AWB has vowed to fight a civil lawsuit brought by the Iraqi Government against it and more than 90 other companies involved in the oil-for-food bribery scandal. The Iraqis are seeking $US10.4 billion [$A10.9 billion] from companies including BNP Paribas, El Paso Corp, Chevron Oil, Siemens, Daimler-Chrysler and Volvo. AWB paid nearly $A300 million in bribes under the program.

3. US Praises Nuclear Treaty, Silent on Rudd Plan, Anne Davies, Age, 2008-07-03

In what appears to be a snub to Australian efforts to build a new consensus on nuclear weapons, US President George Bush has marked the 40th anniversary of the non-proliferation treaty – but pointedly omitted any mention of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s initiative for a special commission to advance the issue worldwide.

4. NNSA Trains Southeast Asian Nations in Nuclear Safeguards, NNSA, U.S. Department of Energy, 2008-06-27

The National Nuclear Security Administration [NNSA] concluded a four-day workshop for participants from Southeast Asia on nuclear safeguards, safety, and security challenges associated with the development of a civil nuclear power program. Workshop attendees included officials from Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia.

5. War in Philippines ‘More Likely Than Not’, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Australian, 2008-07-01

Rapidly worsening relations between Manila and southern Philippines insurgents could see a reactivation of Jemaah Islamiah attacks on “soft-targets” in Philippines cities and in Indonesia, an analyst warns.

6. Timorese Look to Life after Horta, Angus Grigg, AFR*, 2008-07-02

Ramos Horta should consider going in the next year or so if the country’s tense stability can be maintained. But the transition needs to be managed. Now is not a good time. For a start no successor has been groomed and fresh elections could result in renewed violence and instability. There are reports from Dili of increasing tension between the police and the military, the very problem that caused the 2006 so-called crisis.
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7. House to Pass W. Papua Autonomy Bill, Jakarta Post, 2008-07-01

All factions in the [Indonesian] House of Representatives have agreed to pass legislation giving a legal basis for the implementation of special autonomy in the new province of West Papua. The government was asked to immediately make some adjustment policies to respond to the reinforcement of West Papua’s special autonomy.

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