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APSNet 24 June 2010

  1. Faulkner spooked to rethink exit timing
  2. Obama shows McChrystal who’s in command
  3. US to lead diggers in Afghanistan’s Oruzgan province
  4. RAAF capability review 2010
  5. SMEs ‘must join global defence chain’
  6. Papua’s separatist fires burn bright
  7. Hail to the whistleblowers
  8. New aid strategy to help East Timor

1. Faulkner spooked to rethink exit timing, Dan Oakes, SMH, 2010-06-24

Australian troops could be withdrawn from Afghanistan within two years, according to a new timetable announced by the Defence Minister, John Faulkner. But experts have warned that the revised exit plan could be motivated as much by increased public opposition to the war as by changed circumstances on the ground.

2. Obama shows McChrystal who’s in command, Dana Milbank, Washington Post, 2010-06-24

Obama had decided, with “regret but also with certainty,” that his top commander in Afghanistan had to be sacked for the insubordination that he and his staff had displayed in a Rolling Stone article. “I welcome debate among my team, but I won’t tolerate division,” Obama said.

3. US to lead diggers in Afghanistan’s Oruzgan province, Joe Kelly, Australian, 2010-06-23

The multinational effort, called Combined Team Oruzgan, has been endorsed by the US and NATO and will take effect from August 1 after the withdrawal of Dutch forces, Defence Minister John Faulkner said.

4. RAAF capability review 2010, Andrew Davies, ASPI, 2010-06-22

This paper is an update of a 2008 ASPI paper and provides an overview of the capability of the Royal Australian Air Force. It is intended as a ‘snapshot’ of current capability and as a primer on the structure and equipment of the RAAF.

5. SMEs ‘must join global defence chain’, John Kerin, AFR*, 2010-06-24

Defence Materiel Minister Greg Combet’s long-anticipated industry policy, due for release, will contain a lengthy chapter on how the Australian defence industry has been transformed over the past decade.
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6. Papua’s separatist fires burn bright, Sara Schonhardt, Asia Times, 2010-06-23

Shootings, protests and violent attacks are on the rise in Indonesia’s easternmost Papua province, home to a low-level separatist struggle and the operations of US mining giant Freeport McMoRan. Security analysts warn of increased radicalization by groups that feel violence is the only way to draw international attention to their suppressed cause.

7. Hail to the whistleblowers, James Denselow, Guardian, 2010-06-23

To avoid greater tragedy in Afghanistan we may have to rely on a new generation of whistleblowers who are making huge personal sacrifices to challenge the official narrative.

8. New aid strategy to help East Timor, Dan Oakes, Age, 2010-06-24

Speaking at a press conference with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at Parliament House, President Jose Ramos-Horta claimed Australia’s approach to aid-giving – $760 million donated during the past 10 years – had been haphazard and ineffective for too long.


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