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APSNet 23 June 2008

  1. Time to Bridge Deep Divide
  2. Hearts and Minds Not Won
  3. Counter-Terrorism Force Set for Pakistan
  4. Last Wave of Diggers Returns from Iraq
  5. Will the US Surrender the Nuclear First-Use Option?
  6. Indon Military Chief Arrested for Murder

1. Time to Bridge Deep Divide, Donald Rothwell, Canberra Times, 2008-06-23

Australia is about to head into its biggest international meeting with a clear agenda on the line. The International Whaling Commission begins its annual meeting this week. This meeting will be the biggest diplomatic test so far for the Rudd Government’s policies on whaling. It will also place Environment Minster Peter Garrett in the international spotlight as he heads the Australian delegation at the Santiago meeting.

2. Hearts and Minds Not Won, Tom Hyland, Age, 2008-06-22  

Foreign military efforts to win “hearts and minds” in Afghanistan are misplaced and failing, according to research that calls into question tactics used by Australian troops. “Afghan populations are sceptical about military intentions and are not fooled by simplistic material incentives designed to ‘win hearts and minds’,” it says.

3. Counter-Terrorism Force Set for Pakistan, Jonathan Pearlman, SMH, 2008-06-23

Australian counter-terrorism experts could be sent to Pakistan under a far-reaching plan by the Federal Government to help that country promote stability, slow the spread of Islamic extremism and stem the flow of insurgents into Afghanistan. The plan could result in the two countries working together on the types of extensive counter-terrorism programs that have been extended to Indonesia, the Philippines and elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific.

4. Last Wave of Diggers Returns from Iraq, Michael McKenna, Australian, 2008-06-23

The last of Australia’s combat troops returned home from Iraq. They are the 80 soldiers of the Overwatch Battle Group, who have served for up to seven months in two provinces in southern Iraq. The return fulfils Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s election pledge to bring home all of Australia’s combat troops from Iraq. About 300 Australian troops will remain in Iraq, and afurther 500 will remain in the region.

5. Will the US Surrender the Nuclear First-Use Option? Andy Butfoy, APO, 2008-06-19

News that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is establishing a Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Commission is welcome. But the commission will have an uphill battle to make substantive progress outside the seminar room. The fact is that our most important ally has for years ignored our policy and recommendations on some key non-proliferation goals. The most obvious example is Washington’s dismissive attitude to the Australian-sponsored nuclear weapons Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

6. Indon Military Chief Arrested for Murder, Mark Forbes, Age, 2008-06-20

The former head of the Indonesian military’s special forces and deputy head of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) has been arrested for the murder of the country’s leading human rights activist.

  • MajGen Muchdi, P. R. (Purwopranjono), Masters of Terror, Gerry van Klinken and David Bourchier, Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor in 1999, in Richard Tanter, Desmond Ball, and Gerry van Klinken (eds.) Masters of Terror: Indonesia’s Military and Violence in East Timor in 1999, Rowman & Littlefield, 2006.

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