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APSNet 20 April 2009

  1. Indonesia offers cooperation on asylum seekers
  2. Defence: Taking on the monolith
  3. Rudd targets ‘vital’ military industries
  4. Security radars in Papua a priority, Air Force says
  5. UN told by Rudd Government to stop hiring Fijian soldiers
  6. Taliban exploit class rifts in Pakistan

1. Indonesia offers cooperation on asylum seekers, Geoff Thompson, ABC, 2009-04-20

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono spoke about intensifying regional co-operation to find the best solution to the surge in asylum seekers travelling to Australia and Indonesia.

2. Taking on the monolith, John Kerin, AFR*, 2009-04-20

Insufficient attention is paid to Defence financing – the department got its accounts in order only last year and is still unable to produce a full inventory of what it owns. Decision-making is far too centralised with little or no autonomy provided to middle- and junior-ranked military officer and bureaucrats.
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3. Rudd targets ‘vital’ military industries, John Kerin, AFR*, 2009-04-20

A list of preferred industry sectors eligible for special help and considered vital to the country’s security will be included in a long-awaited defence white paper reform package. Up to 12 niche capabilities considered vital for Australia’s military to keep a technological edge will be singled out.
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4. Security radars in Papua a priority, Air Force says, Markus Junianto Sihaloho, Jakarta Globe, 2009-04-19

The Air Force will soon finish installing new defense facilities at its Jayapura airbase, including three security radars in the area, Air Commodore Bambang Sulistyo, an Air Force spokesman, said. He denied the focus on developing air-defense facilities in Papua Province was related to securing border areas between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, or Indonesia and Australia.

5. UN told by Rudd Government to stop hiring Fijian soldiers, Mark Dodd, Australian, 2009-04-17

The federal Government has told the UN it wants a halt on any new hiring of Fijian soldiers serving as peacekeepers on blue-beret missions around the world. In New York yesterday, a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the world body was aware of Australian and New Zealand concerns about the hiring of Fijian blue berets and the matter was being considered.

6. Taliban exploit class rifts in Pakistan, Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah, NYT, 2009-04-16

The Taliban have advanced deeper into Pakistan by engineering a class revolt that exploits profound fissures between a small group of wealthy landlords and their landless tenants. The Taliban’s ability to exploit class divisions adds a new dimension to the insurgency and is raising alarm about the risks to Pakistan, which remains largely feudal.

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