APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, July 17, 2008

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APSNet 17 July 2008

  1. Fitzgibbon Calls for Afghan Surge
  2. Australia Better off out of Iraq – Joel Fitzgibbon
  3. Fitzgibbon Backs US Link
  4. Indonesia ‘Regrets’ Timor Atrocities
  5. Black Hawk Crash Inevitable, Says Inquiry
  6. South Korean Defence Minister to Promote Arms Deals in Turkey, Indonesia
  7. Taking on the Tyrants

1. Fitzgibbon Calls for Afghan Surge, Anne Davies, Age, 2008-07-17

A military “surge” in Afghanistan, similar to that in Iraq, combined with more urgent diplomatic engagement with Pakistan, is required, if NATO-led forces want victory there, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said. He warned that unless troop numbers were substantially bolstered, and China was enlisted to help with the diplomatic effort in Pakistan, terrorist groups and the Taliban could reassert themselves in the region.

2. Australia Better off out of Iraq – Joel Fitzgibbon, News.com.au, 2008-07-16

Restoring Australia’s ability to play an important role in maintaining peace in Melanesia was more important than keeping troops in Iraq, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said. He said Australia had a total of just six army battalions, with around half the army’s infantry and cavalry tied up in deployments in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

3. Fitzgibbon Backs US Link, Daniel Flitton, Age, 2008-07-16

The United States will retain an essential future role in Asia-Pacific security, according to Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon. To win US backing for Australia’s idea of a new “Asia-Pacific Community” to deal with security and economic challenges, Mr Fitzgibbon said any new regional institution will only be successful if Washington is a major player.

4. Indonesia ‘Regrets’ Timor Atrocities, Mark Forbes, Age, 2008-07-16

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has endorsed a truth commission report stating his country was to blame for gross human rights abuses against the Timorese in 1999.But he has stopped short of a formal apology and rejected prosecuting those responsible.

5. Black Hawk Crash Inevitable, Says Inquiry, Tom Allard, SMH, 2008-07-16

Pilot error was the main cause of the fatal crash of a Black Hawk helicopter off Fiji in 2006, but such an accident was “inevitable” due to risk-taking and slipping safety standards within the army’s elite aviation wing, a military board of inquiry has found.

6. South Korean Defence Minister to Promote Arms Deals in Turkey, Indonesia, Yonhap*, 2008-07-17

The Defence Ministry said Wednesday its chief official will begin a weeklong trip to Turkey and Indonesia later this month to boost military cooperation and promote South Korean arms sales.
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7. Taking on the Tyrants, Tim McCormack, Age, 2008-07-16

The entry into force of the Rome Statute has been the catalyst for quiet revolutions in domestic criminal law. In Australia our implementing legislation is incorporated in our Commonwealth Criminal Code. If the existence of the court has the effect of encouraging countries such as Australia to take more seriously the national enforcement of international criminal law, its legacy will be assured.

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