APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, June 7, 2010

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APSNet 07 June 2010

  1. Off-the-shelf subs on Defence’s radar
  2. Relations strained as East Timor buys Chinese navy boats
  3. Space jump better late than never
  4. PM takes extra care with Israel
  5. Myanmar ‘nuclear plans’ exposed
  6. Jakarta helps stop terrorists
  7. Chief of Navy outlines the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) strategic vision
  8. Afghan leader forces out top 2 security officials

1. Off-the-shelf subs on Defence’s radar, John Kerin, AFR*, 2010-06-07

The Rudd government is seriously ­examining cheaper, off-the-shelf options for the jewel of it’s defence white paper – 12 new submarines to replace the troubled Collins class.
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2. Relations strained as East Timor buys Chinese navy boats, Lindsay Murdoch, SMH, 2010-06-07

Two 43-metre Chinese-made navy patrol boats mounted with 30-millimetre cannon, initially to be crewed by Chinese sailors, will be launched in East Timor in what observers say is a slap in the face for Australian diplomacy.

3. Space jump better late than never, Steven Freeland, Age, 2010-06-07

Australia’s early promise as a space-faring nation petered out, but Australia is finally starting to get back into the action.

4. PM takes extra care with Israel, John Kerin, AFR*, 2010-06-04

The Turkish charitable foundation behind the ill-fated Middle East aid flotilla, IHH has been linked to the US Treasury’s terror financing list, which might explain why both the US and Australia have been reluctant to condemn Israel.
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5. Myanmar ‘nuclear plans’ exposed, Aljazeera, 2010-06-04

An investigation by an anti-government Myanmar broadcaster has found evidence that it says shows the country’s military regime has begun a programme to develop nuclear weapons.

6. Jakarta helps stop terrorists, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Australian, 2010-06-07

Indonesian police have moved to treat all asylum-seekers passing through the country on their way to Australia as potential terror suspects. The new approach comes with help from the Australian Federal Police, who have helped Jakarta to build a computer database that can cross-check illegal immigrant and terrorism arrests.

7. Chief of Navy outlines the RAN’s strategic vision, Media release, Department of Defence, 2010-06-04

The Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Russ Crane, AO, CSM, RAN, has unveiled the blueprint for Navy’s future, launching the new edition of Australian Maritime Doctrine in Canberra. While the recent Defence White Paper outlined what’s in store for Navy and the rest of the ADF in terms of hardware, the Australian Maritime Doctrine details the philosophical and strategic concepts needed to meet the many future challenges to our maritime security.

8. Afghan leader forces out top 2 security officials, Alissa J. Rubin, NYT, 2010-06-06

President Hamid Karzai forced two of his top three security officials to resign over their failure to prevent attacks on the peace council in the capital, Afghan and American officials said, creating shock and concern among Western officials about such serious changes in crucial ministries even as the American war effort here reaches a critical phase.