AdaptNet for 21 July 2009

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"AdaptNet for 21 July 2009", ADAPTNet English Edition, July 21, 2009,

AdaptNet for 21 July 2009

Climate Risk Assessment – Blue Mountains City Council              

The report undertakes a review of how climate change may impact on the Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) and the Blue Mountains Local Government area in NSW, Australia. It identifies some of the climate change risks faced by the BMCC. The report develops an adaptation plan to build the resilience of the area.     

Blue Mountains City Council Climate Change Risk Assessment Report, Donovan Burton and Erin Laurie, Prepared by Climate Risk Pty Ltd with the support of the Australian Government Department of Climate Change, The Blue Mountains City Council, NSW, Australia, June 2009 [5.57 MB, PDF]

California’s Energy Infrastructure and Adaptation Strategies        

The paper presents a brief overview of potential impacts of climate change (sea level rise, increasing temperatures, shifting precipitation trends) on California’s energy infrastructure. It explains what is known about many of the impacts today and what is projected to 2100. The paper identifies some of the adaptation strategies that California could implement.                  

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on California’s Energy Infrastructure and Identification of Adaptation Measures, Pat Perez, Staff Paper No. CEC-150-2009-001, California Energy Commission, California, USA, June 2009 [312 KB, PDF]

Post-2012 Climate Framework – Adaptation Options        

This report focuses on climate adaptation, and its link to development and poverty alleviation. It emphasizes adaptation actions at the local level. The report considers adaptation as one of the key building blocks for a strengthened global climate response, and sets forth some recommendations to enable adaptation.                 

Facilitating an International Agreement on Climate Change: Adaptation to Climate Change, Global Leadership for Climate Action (GLCA) – A Joint Initiative of the United Nations Foundation and the Club of Madrid, June 2009 [3.43 MB, PDF]

Engendering Adaptation to Climate Variability – Gujarat, India  

The paper outlines a conceptual understanding of adaptation and vulnerability. It draws on insights from Gujarat – a coastal city of India. The paper illustrates how researchers and practitioners could collaborate to strengthen learning across communities and regions for building adaptive capacity of poor women and men.              

Engendering Adaptation to Climate Variability in Gujarat, India, Sara Ahmed and Liz Fajber, Gender & Development, vol.17, issue 1, pp. 33-50, March 2009 [subscription required]    

A Guidebook – Adapting to Coastal Climate Change               

The guidebook provides practitioners with sector-specific guidance for responding to climate variability and change impacts on coastal areas. It focuses on developing country contexts. The guidebook draws lessons from experience on how to overcome implementation barriers and utilize an adaptive management approach to coastal climate adaptation.   

Adapting to Coastal Climate Change: A Guidebook for Development Planners, Prepared by the Coastal Resources Center – University of Rhode Island (CRC-URI) and International Resources Group (IRG), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), May 2009 [19.2 MB, PDF]

Transforming Energy Systems – ESF Conference

This European Science Foundation (ESF) conference will take place in Nynashämn, Sweden from October 03-07, 2009. It will provide the research basis for long-term transformation of energy systems that will allow achieving a sustainable production of energy for future generations. Young researchers can apply for conference fee and travel support. Abstracts may be submitted by 31 July 2009.   

Global Change Challenges: Transforming Energy Systems, European Science Foundation (ESF), Utsikten Meetings, Nynäshamn, Sweden, October 03-07, 2009