AdaptNet for 12 December 2006

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"AdaptNet for 12 December 2006", ADAPTNet English Edition, December 12, 2006,

Changing Climate Threatens Chinese Economy

This report highlights Hong Kong, Macao and Pearl River Delta’s vulnerability to climate change, especially in human health, ecology, infrastructure, industry and economy. The authors recognize the need for an adaptation strategy with public and private participation, including urban planning, water resource management, flood management systems, coastal and river defense and long-term land use planning as key policy areas.

The Impacts of Climate Change in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, Alexandra Tracy, Kate Trumbull and Christine Loh, Civic Exchange, November 2006 [PDF].

Stern Analyses Adaptation as a Response to Climate Change

Part V of the Stern Review outlines key adaptation concepts, sets out an economic framework for adaptation and examines the barriers and constraints to adaptation. It also explores how governments, in the developing and the developed world, can adapt and promote climate change adaptation.

Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change: Pre-publication Edition, Sir Nicholas Stern, HM Treasury Accessibility Page, October 2006.

California Sues Car Firms for Global Warming

California sues Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler and Nissan, calling them a ‘public nuisance’ costing the state ‘millions of dollars’ in global warming. Green campaigners hail lawsuit as landmark event in the fight against global warming.

California Sues Car Firms for Global Warming, Dan Glaister, Guardian, 2006-09-21.

Integrating Adaptation into World Bank Group Operations

This paper examines how the World Bank Group can address growing risks from climate change. The Bank can make current development investments more flexible to climate variability and extreme weather events by enhancing risk management practices: i.e. not to separate climate change adaptation from other priorities but to integrate comprehensive climate risk management into development planning, programs and projects.

Managing Climate Risk: Integrating Adaptation into World Bank Group Operations, Maarten van Aalst, World Bank Group-Global Environment Facility Program, 2006 [PDF].

The Adaptation Tipping Point: Are UK Businesses Climate-Proof?

This report provides an explanation of the scale of the adaptation agenda and the implications for business. It identifies which sectors perceive adaptation to be necessary (eg. utilities, banking and chemicals) and which have not yet responded (eg. media, aerospace, defence, automobile, machinery, and real estate). It establishes a record against which future actions can be measured.

The Adaptation Tipping Point: Are UK Businesses Climate-Proof? J. Firth, and M. Colley M, Acclimatise and UKCIP, Oxford, October 2006 [PDF].

Adaptation to Climate Change – A Success Story of Niger

This slide presentation to the 12th conference of parties illustrates how JEMED develops climate change adaptation solutions that involve the whole community.  The solutions include the creation of fixation points for providing access to water, healthcare, education, food security as well as regenerating and managing the rangelands of the pastoral region of Niger.

Drought and Regeneration: Climate Change Adaptation in Niger, Jeff Woodke, JEMED, UNFCCC, November 2006 [PDF].

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