AdaptNet for 6 April 2010

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"AdaptNet for 6 April 2010", ADAPTNet English Edition, April 06, 2010,

AdaptNet for 6 April 2010

Victorian Coastal Climate Change Issues and Options Paper             

The paper recommends ways in which Victoria’s land use planning and development controls can best support the Victorian Government’s policy for managing the coastal impacts of climate change. It stimulates debate about the topic. The paper is available for public comment. Submissions may be forwarded by April 26, 2010. 

Victorian Coastal Climate Change Issues and Options Paper, Coastal Climate Change Advisory Committee, Planning Panels Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, February 2010 [2.13 MB, PDF]  

Environmental Change and Migration – Governance Challenges     

This paper examines existing empirical work on rapid- and slow-onset environmental stressors (including climate change) and their role in migration. It highlights fieldwork on rapid- and slow-onset environmentally induced migration in Mozambique, Vietnam, and Egypt. The paper explores how governance can ease or exacerbate the impacts of global environmental change on migration, and explores the degree to which current institutional arrangements may be equipped to address environmental change. 

Global Environmental Change and Migration: Governance Challenges, Koko Warner, Global Environmental Change, Article in Press, 2010 [subscription required]  

Demographic Change, Vulnerability, and Climate Adaptation    

This paper describes and analyses the impacts of population and demographic change on the vulnerability of communities to climate change. It explores the relationship between changes in the demographics of some small communities in Ontario, Canada and adaptive capacity. The paper argues that the typology of the relationship between population change and vulnerability may be used as a framework for future research in this field.  

Impacts of Population Change on Vulnerability and the Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change and Variability: A Typology Based on Lessons from “A Hard Country”, Robert McLeman, Population & Environment, DOI 10.1007/s11111-009-0087-z, 17 December 2009 [subscription required]  

Climate Risk Screening Tools, Guidance, and Portfolio Screenings     

The report provides a summary of existing tools and good practices from a range of organisations to guide development practitioners in their climate change mainstreaming efforts. It explores the components and entry points of the mainstreaming process by defining key climate change adaptation and mainstreaming concepts. The report provides a comparative overview, analysis, and guidance in relation to various climate risk screening tools. 

Screening Tools and Guidelines to Support the Mainstreaming of Climate Change Adaptation into Development Assistance – A Stocktaking Report, Environment & Energy Group, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), February 2010  

State of Australian Cities 2010

This is the first ‘State of Australian Cities’ report. It draws together existing data and information across a range of economic, social and environmental subjects to provide a national snapshot of Australia’s cities. It creates a basis for future comparative studies.  

State of Australian Cities 2010, Major Cities Unit, Infrastructure Australia, Canberra, Commonwealth of Australia, 2010 [8.98 MB, PDF]

Hazard Mapping and Environmental Summit – Manila   

The first 2010 Hazards Mapping and Environment Summit (Eco – 2010 Summit) will take place from 30 November – 10 December 2010 in Manila, Philippines. It aims to develop various approaches for mapping risks and dangers to communities in the Philippines and other countries with tropical climates. For registration details, please go to the website below.  

2010 Hazard Mapping and Environmental Summit – HMES (Eco 2010 Summit), the Resource Recovery Movement (RRM), Manila, Philippines, 30 November – 10 December 2010