AdaptNet for 27 July 2010

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AdaptNet for 27 July 2010

Managing Climate Change: Australian Research Papers               

This book contains papers from the Greenhouse 2009 conference held in Perth, Australia. It features the latest Australian research including papers on emerging fields such as the need to include behavioural and social patterns to address climate change, as well as adaptation measures that may be required for infrastructure, agriculture, and energy use.

Managing Climate Change: Papers from the GREENHOUSE 2009 Conference, Imogen Jubb, Paul Holper, and Wenju Cai (editors), CSIRO Publishing, May 2010 [payment required] 

Surveying Risk, Building Opportunity – South Asia

This report presents a framework to assess risks associated with energy security, water scarcity, and climate change including more frequent and intense floods, droughts, storms and precipitation for the commercial real estate sector in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. It discusses financial opportunities in the region’s growing green building market.

Surveying Risk, Building Opportunity: Financial Impacts of Energy Insecurity, Water Scarcity, and Climate Change on Asia’s Commercial Real Estate Sector, Shally Venugopal et al., World Resources Institute (WRI), April 2010 [2.26 MB, PDF]

Climate Change Adaptation in New York City      

The report presents climate change projections for New York, including potential impacts to the metropolis, and recommended adaptation responses and information needs to address knowledge gaps. It also covers infrastructure, insurance, law and regulation. The key findings of the report are: (i) New York should begin to adapt to climate change today; and (ii) New York already faces a number of climate risks even without climate change as a factor. 

Climate Change Adaptation in New York City: Building a Risk Management Response, New York City Panel on Climate Change Report, the New York Academy of Sciences, Wiley-Blackwell (Wiley), 2010

Participatory Analysis of Changing Rainfall Patterns: A Tool      

The paper provides a brief overview, including strengths and limitations, of an innovative tool (rain calendar) for participatory analysis of changing rainfall patterns. The tool is designed to gather community perceptions of rainfall patterns, to determine the parameters for good, average, and bad years in terms of rainfall, and to provide a platform for discussing risk management strategies to adapt to changing rainfall patterns. 

Rain Calendars: A Tool for Understanding Changing Rainfall Patterns and Effects on Livelihoods, Cynthia Awuor and Anne Hammill, Participatory Learning and Action, Vol. 60, Number 1, pp. 149-153, December 2009 [66.3 KB, PDF]    

Maximizing the Benefits of Migration Arising from Climate Change   

This report is based on critical reviews and a synthesis of literature on: climate change and migration; resettlement; migration and development; and environmental migration and violent conflict. It examines the lessons emerging from research on migration and development to argue that there is considerable potential to harness migration to promote adaptation to climate change in communities. 

Accommodating Migration to Promote Adaptation to Climate Change, Jon Barnett and Michael Webber, Policy Research Working Paper 5270, the World Bank, April 2010 [670 KB, PDF] 

Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2010    

This forum will take place from 21-22 October 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. It will provide an opportunity to share practices, knowledge and experiences on mainstreaming adaptation to climate change into development planning in Asia and the Pacific. Forum organizers are currently seeking collaboration with partners to help organize and run various parallel thematic sessions.

Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum: Mainstreaming Adaptation into Development Planning, AIT/UNEP Regional Resource Center for Asia & the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand, 21-22 October 2010

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