AdaptNet for 19 October 2010

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AdaptNet for 19 October 2010

NCCARF Freshwater Biodiversity Research Plan

This draft National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan (Freshwater Biodiversity) is concerned with climate adaptation research priorities for Australian freshwater species and ecosystems. It identifies a research program for a 5-7 year time-frame. The plan is available for public comment. Submissions may be forwarded by November 1, 2010. 

NCCARF Freshwater Biodiversity Research Plan – Consultation Draft, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF), Australia, October 2010 [1.25 MB, PDF]

Challenges, Gaps and Mismatches in Urban Adaptation Strategies     

The paper reviews the recent climate change adaptation strategies of nine selected cities and analyzes them in terms of overall vision and goals, baseline information used, direct and indirect impacts, proposed structural and non-structural measures, and involvement of formal and informal actors. It calls for new forms of adaptive urban governance that go beyond the conventional notions of urban planning.

Adaptive Urban Governance: New Challenges for the Second Generation of Urban Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change, Jörn Birkmann et al., Sustain Sci, vol. 5, pp. 185–206, June 2010

Managing the Risks from a Changing Climate       

This report looks across the UK economy at different ways businesses are beginning to address the impacts of climatic changes. It assesses the case for action, sets out guidance for companies looking to address climate risk in their business planning, and outlines the policy mechanisms needed from government to ensure the challenges of adaptation are tackled in a coherent fashion. 

Whatever the Weather: Managing the Risks from a Changing Climate, Confederation of British Industry (CBI), UK, September 2010 [3.45 MB, PDF]

Adaptation in the Australian Mining and Exploration Industries      

The paper intends to establish a framework for further research work assessing the vulnerability of mining operations to changes in local climate in Australia. It presents the outcomes in terms of: potential effects of climate change and extreme weather events on mining; the mining industry operational process; a review of literature on the effects of climate change on the mining process; the outcomes of an expert workshop on the critical issues and adaptation options. 

Climate Adaptation in the Australian Mining and Exploration Industries, Jane Hodgkinson et al., CAF Working Paper 5, CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship, Australia, 2010

World Disasters Report 2010 – Focus on Urban Risk    

This year’s World Disasters Report highlights how in a globalized world a deficiency on one side of the world can create problems for all. It provides guidance on how the urban risks divide between the developing world and the developed world can be reduced. The report stresses the need for a radical rethink in how the international community should address urban risk. 

World Disasters Report 2010 – Focus on Urban Risk, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, October 2010 [5.22 MB, PDF]

VCCCAR Seminar: Scenarios for Climate Adaptation     

This seminar, organised by the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR), will take place in Melbourne, Australia on 11 November 2010. It is free and open to anyone who is working on or interested in climate change adaptation challenges in Victoria including academics, State and local government staff, private sector, NGOs and community organisations.      

Scenarios for Climate Adaptation: VCCCAR Critical Perspectives Seminar (RSVP by 5 November 2010), Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR), Melbourne, Australia, 11 November 2010

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