Resources Relating to Global Standards

Standards and Guidelines Voluntary Initiatives Social Investment Issues Partnerships Information and Resource Centers   Global Standards and Guidelines Global Reporting Initiative: Organized by the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES), The Global Reporting Initiative was established in late 1997 with the mission of designing globally applicable guidelines for preparing enterprise-level sustainability reports. In March 1999, […]

National Defense Construction

Structure and Organization of the Armed Forces The armed forces of the PRC are composed of the PLA, both the active and reserve components, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force and the militia. The CMC of the PRC directs and assumes unified command of the nation’s armed forces. The Ministry of National Defense under the […]


THE PREAMBLE The objectives of the Global Sullivan Principles are to support economic, social and political justice by companies where they do business; to support human rights and to encourage equal opportunity at all levels of employment, including racial and gender diversity on decision making committees and boards; to train and advance disadvantaged workers for […]