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Briefing Book: Indonesian nuclear power proposals,  Australia-Indonesia Nuclear Dynamics Nautilus Institute, 2008-2014.

Prospects and Challenges of Nuclear Power and Small Modular Reactors in Indonesia, (with Bernadette K. Cogswell, Nataliawati Siahaan, Friga Siera R, and M. V. Ramana), Nautilus Institute and Indonesian Institute of Energy Economics, NAPSNet Special Report,  27 April 2017.

‘The Slovakian “Inspirasi” for Indonesian Nuclear Power – the “Success” of a Permanently Failing Organisation’, Asian Perspective, Volume 39, issue 4 (October-December 2015), pp. 667-694 [extended version]

Table: Indonesian nuclear power reactors, under governmental consideration, 2010 – 2015‘ (footnoted version).

After Fukushima: A Survey of Corruption in the Global Nuclear Power Industry‘, Asian Perspective, October-December 2013, Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 475-500.

Global Politics of Indonesian Nuclear Power, Melbourne Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, 29 August 2012

Nuclear corruption 2012 to date, Nautilus Peace and Security Weekly Report, 5 July 2012

‘TEPCO Country after Fukushima’, Arena Magazine, June 2011 [footnoted version]

The Path from Fukushima: Short and Medium-term Impacts of the Reactor Damage Caused by the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on Japan’s Electricity System (contributing author with David Von Hippel, Kae Takase and Peter Hayes), Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability, April 11, 2011 [Executive summary]

After the Deluge: Short and Medium-term Impacts of the Reactor Damage Caused by the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (co-author with David Von Hippel, Kae Takase and Peter Hayes), Special Report, Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability, March 17, 2011 [Executive Summary]

Democratic accountability and risk assessment in Indonesian nuclear power proposals, GoNERI Project, School of Engineering, Tokyo University, 4 March 2010

Nuclear Power in the Seismic Zone: Risk Assessment in Indonesian Nuclear Power Proposals, (with Arabella Imhoff), Australian Institute for International Affairs, Melbourne, 4 February 2010

Nuclear Power, Risk Management and Democratic Accountability in Indonesia: Volcanic, regulatory and financial risk in the Muria peninsula nuclear power proposal, (with Arabella Imhoff and David Von Hippel),  Austral Policy Forum 09-22A, 7 December 2009; Asia-Pacific Journal/Japan Focus, 3270

The Muria peninsula nuclear power proposal: state of play, (with Arabella Imhoff), Austral Policy Forum 09-1A, 19 January 2009; Japanese translation as: インドネシアにおける原発建設計画;現状と今後の展望、ノーニュークス・アジアフォーラム通信 (2009年2月20日発行)No.96.

Indonesian nuclear power proposals – comprehensive resources, Reframing Australia-Indonesia Security, Nautilus Institute RMIT [updated regularly]

Nuclear fatwa: Islamic jurisprudence and the Muria nuclear power station proposal, Austral Policy Forum, 13 December 2007, 07-25A.

Muria nuclear power plant fatwa documents – English translations, Reframing Australia-Indonesia security project, Nautilus Institute, November 2007.

“Promise abandoned: the dumping of the uranium issue”, Peace Studies, February, 1986, pp.28-33.

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