Trade and Environment

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"Trade and Environment", trade and environment, June 03, 1999,

Thursday, June 3, 1999

The APEC & the Environment Project, active between 1992-1999, aimed to define and promote a regional sustainable development agenda within the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. The Project generated research papers, organized workshops of regional analysts and activists, and producedConnectivity Monitor, an on-line regional environmental news round-up. Lyuba Zarsky also served on the US delegation to two APEC Environment Ministerials. As of June, 1999, the Institute’s Asia-oriented work on environmental aspects of economic globalization has been directed toward foreign investment and corporate accountability.


Recent Postings* Trade Policy and Sustainability: Regional Approaches
February 1-2, 1999

* APEC, Globalization and the “Sustainable Development” Agenda
Lyuba Zarsky, Nautilus Institute
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Resources* Workshop: APEC and the Environment: Innovative Approaches to Trade and Environment in Asia-Pacific
October 18, 1996
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* APEC-related Papers

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