South East Asia Papers

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"South East Asia Papers", Supporting Documents, January 31, 2000,

Te’o Fairbairn, University of New South Wales
Pacific Islands Economies: Trade Patterns and Some Observations on Trade Policy Issues

Vili Fuavao, South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
Trade, Environment and Development in the Pacific Islands: the role of SPREP

Aprilani Soeciarto, The Indonesian Institute of Sciences-LIPI
Sustainable Fisheries, Environment and the Prospects of Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Mingsarn Kaosa-ard, Theodore Panayotou and J.R. DeShazo
Green Finance: Valuation and Financing of Khao Yai National Park in Thailand (Text File)

Dr Vivienne Wee
The Gender Dimension in Environment and Development Policy: The Southeast Asian Experience (Text File)

The Nautilus Institute
Essentially annihilated

CINCPAC Command History for 1974 and 1976
Removal of U.S. Nuclear Weapons from Taiwan and the Philippines
The Nautilus Institute
EAST Timor

The Nautilus Institute
Australia, APEC, and the Environment


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