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Thursday, August, 2002

Recent Posting archive

* Mining in Suriname:
Multinationals, the State and the Maroon Community of Nieuw Koffiekamp
June 18, 2002
Fergus MacKay

* Leveraging Public Pension Funds: Towards sustainable and responsible corporate governance
March 22, 2002

* New Rules for a New Global Order?
Ten Year Scenarios for the Future of Global Investment Governance
Feburary 11, 2002

* The Global High Tech Industry and SRI: What do SRI researchers need to ask?
presented at the ASrIA Conference,
November 2, 2001
Sandy Buffett, Nautilus Institute
Powerpoint Presentation

* Commissioned papers on corporate accountability in the high-tech and oil sectors

* From Bystanders to Collaborators: New Roles for Civil Society in Urban-Industrial Environmental Governance in Asia
Asia Development Bank Environmental Outlook, June, 2001
Lyuba Zarsky, Nautilus Institute

* Corporate Social Responsibility and International Financial Institutions
presented at the East-West Center,
May 21-22, 2001
Sandy Buffett, Nautilus Institute
Powerpoint Presentation

* ‘What Road Ahead?’ Scenarios for the Future of United States-China Relations 2001-2010
April 2, 2001
Workshop Report

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