Participants List

Below is a list of confirmed participants. We will continue to update our list as participants are confirmed.

Participation is by invite-only.

Vulnerability to Terrorism in Nuclear Spent Fuel Management: Workshop Participant List


ABE Nobuyasu Ambassador, Commissioner, Japan Atomic Energy Commission
ITABASHI Isao Council for Public Policy
KIKUCHI Masahiro Executive Director of
Nuclear Material Control Center Japan
Chairperson of Japan Association of Disarmament Studies
OTA Masakatsu Kyodo News Service
SUZUKI Tatsujiro Director and Professor of Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition (RECNA)
TAKASE Kae Director, Governance Design Laboratory
TANIGUCHI Taketoshi Professor, Policy Alternatives Research Institute, University of Tokyo
YANO Yoshiaki Professor, Gifu Womens College and Tokyo Institute of Technology
YOSHIDA Fumihiko Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition
NAKAMURA Keiko Associate Professor, Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Nagasaki University


LIU Chong Deputy Director, Institute of Security and Arms Control Studies, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations
ZHANG Hui Senior Research Associate, Kennedy School Harvard University


HAN Yong Sup Korea National Defense University
LEE Jeong-Ho Korea Institute of Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control
HWANG Yongsoo Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
KANG Jungmin Natural Resources Defense Council


Steven AOKI Consultant; former Deputy Under Secretary for Counter-terrorism and Counter-proliferation, US Department of Energy
Joan DIAMOND Nautilus, Deputy Director
David Von HIPPEL Nautilus Sr. Associate
Martha CRENSHAW Professor, CISAC, Political Science Stanford University
Mathew BUNN Professor, Kennedy School Harvard University
Peter HAYES Executive Director, Nautilus
Peter KOURI Advisor, Commander’s Strategic Initiatives Group USFK
Randall ROCKROHR Strategic Weapons Plans, Policy, and Operations Officer, J5 USFK


This project is funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.