Climate Change

Climate Change



Climate Change and Nuclear Power: Issues of Interaction
Yun Zhou, Harvard University

Energy Security and Climate Change Issues in China
Wang Yanjia, Tsinghua University

Domestic Constraints and International Forces: Exploring China’s Position on International Climate Change Policy
Yang Yi, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Co-control of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Other Air Pollutants Under China‘s 12th 5-Year Plan
Tao Hu, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Update on China’s Nuclear Power Program, and Relationship with China’s Climate Policy
Wang Jie, Tsinghua University

Latent Layers Beneath the Relationship Between Urban Insecurity and Climate Change: Case of South Korea
Lee Sanghun, Hanshin University

Issues in Climate Change and Energy Security in Northeast Asia

Yoo Seung-jik, Korea Energy Economics Institute

Japanese Policy on Climate Change: Adaptation and its Complexity

Yurika Ayukawa, Osaka University

Indonesia’s Position in Climate Forums: Implications for National Energy Policy and Strategy
Fabby Tumiwa, Institute for Essential Services Reform

Exploring Possible Cooperation for Climate Change Adaptation: How Civil Society Could Work With Government Strategies
Takayuki Minato and Pitch Sutheerawatthana, Tokyo University

Climate Change and Nuclear Proliferation
Tadahiro Katsuta, Tokyo University

Domestic Environmental Governance and Regional Environmental Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Sangbum Shin, Yonsei University