Melbourne scenarios workshop

Scenarios brief, Melbourne, November 24-25

Nautilus will complement the mapping causal complexity workshop with a two-day Scenario workshop designed to help us grapple with the radical uncertainty inherent in both Australia-Indonesia cooperation and climate adaptation methodologies. The combination of these two very different meetings should provide a common language for participants to communicate complex events and options for developing strategies for working towards a more equitable and sustainable world in the shadow of climate disruption.

In a word, scenarios are tools – tools to examine a number of different, highly probable futures, and to better understand the driving forces of today. Scenarios are used to order our thoughts amid uncertainty, build common ground among differing perspectives, and think rationally about our options: the process is logical, formal, and disciplined in its use of information and analysis. The creativity and imagination inspired by scenarios requires participants to challenge each other’s thoughts, perceptions, and mind-sets.

Nautilus uses uncertainty scenarios to help us capture insight into what we should be doing today: what robust policies at the local and global level, will best prepare us for an uncertain future and help us develop strategies for working towards preferred futures.

Our scenarios workshop exploring options for Australia-Indonesia cooperation in promoting robust climate adaptation policies in both countries will be held on November 24-25. We would be honored to have you join us.