Background materials

Some of you have asked how you should prepare for the scenarios workshop. There is no set way for doing this, and we don’t want you to feel you need to embark on a study program.

The pieces listed below with different aspects of nuclear weapons issues. Most are quite short, though one, marked with an asterisk, is a longer piece.[Please note, we originally had two other articles on this list, which were included inadvertently and were in fact not useful for our current purposes.]

If you want to read more, you are welcome to look at the draft papers written for the Australia-Japan disarmament cooperation research workshop which parallels this scenarios workshop. We only ask that you do not pass these draft papers on to others without the permission of the authors. You may be asked for a log-in name  [workshop] and a password [workshop].

There are also more materials available at the following Nautilus public sites (no log-in or password required)