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"What to Bring", pegasus, January 01, 1994, https://nautilus.org/pegasus/what-to-bring/

Appropriate Sailing ClothingBeing prepared for the weather

Going out in the Bay requires a more careful look at the weather and your choice of clothing.  Even on a warm and sunny day, the bay wind and waves always make it colder on the boat, and you need to be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.  Common sense and the experience of thousands of sailors worldwide suggest that you bring/wear the following items:

    • non-slip shoes, preferably with light colored soles


    • long pants


    • layers for the upper body: Shirt, sweater, woolen sweater/fleece, rainproof jacket, scarf, hat (50% of body heat escapes through the head and neck!), gloves


    • sunscreen and sunglasses


There is a definite trade-off between looking cool and staying warm.  Staying warm is the primary objective, since inadequate clothing can result in hypothermia, the dangerous loss of body heat.  You do not need to fall in the water to get it, and while we watch everybody on board for signs of hypothermia and carry some extra clothing, we rely on your good sense to come prepared!


Indemnification Form


Why do we ask you to sign the indemnity form?  In the present legal climate, we are obliged to ask students and their parents to sign the following liability release forms.  Without the indemnity form and the high levels of safety standards on Pegasus, we would not be able to obtain our insurance for this program, and would not be able to offer you the experience of the San Francisco Bay aboard Pegasus.

Below are links to our forms for children and adults on the current Pegasus Voyages website. You can print these out, obtain the appropriate signatures, and then bring them with you for the sail. Use your browser’s back button to return to this page from the indemnity forms.

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