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Recommended Citation

"VX Library", pegasus, January 01, 1994, https://nautilus.org/pegasus/vx-library/


Tetsuro Doshita
Commander at the Security Affairs Office, Office of the Prime Minister
Tokyo, Japan 

Jim Hardwick
Environmental Specialist, State of California, Department of Fish and Game
Suisun, California 

Peter Hayes
Co-Executive Director, Nautilus Institute
Berkeley, California 

Rick Lester
Geologist at US Geological Survey
Menlo Park, California 

Hideaki Nakata
Associate Professor, Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Paul V. Oliva
Executive Director, BayTrade
Oakland, California

Terri Paluszkiewicz
Senior Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Marine Science Laboratory
Sequim, Washington

Nancy Wagner
Captain and Bar Pilot, San Francisco Bar Pilots
San Francisco, California

Ken Wilkening
Energy/Environment Program Officer, Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development
Berkeley, California

Lyuba Zarsky
Co-Executive Director, Nautilus Institute
Berkeley, California


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