Safety Aboard the Pegasus

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"Safety Aboard the Pegasus", pegasus, January 01, 1994,

Safety comes first on PEGASUS

On Pegasus, we take the utmost care to operate at a high standard of excellence and the highest standard of safety.  We do this by “practice-makes-perfect” training of our crew in safe operation of the vessel; by professional review and certification of the vessel’s systems; and by constantly upgrading the safety equipment.  The crew is competent in sailing and all have experience teaching in outdoor activities. Thus we minimize risk to a very low level.

Pegasus is fitted with the latest safety equipment, from life jackets, harnesses and non-skid deck paint for movement on board, to equipment for overboard retrieval, troubleshooting, repairs, fire extinguishers and fixed base and handheld VHF radios.  For a complete list and further information, please contact the Pegasus Project at (510) 204-9296.


  • Survey: the boat was surveyed at purchase by wooden boat “legend” Giffy Full;  all items identified on his survey (and many others found in the course of the refit) have been completed to make the boat “new” and “pristine.”  This included replacing any suspect planks, pulling keelboats, remounting the engine, reefing and caulking the whole boat, replacing old standing rigging, remounting through hulls, installing a corrosion controller, etc. The boat was surveyed again in 1995 by Peter Minkwitz, and all items identified by him have been rectified.
  • Vessel Assist membership (a AAA for boats)
  • All passengers read: Welcome Aboard safety briefing and receive an at-dock safety briefing before boarding Pegasus.
  • We maintain a detailed log of work on boat; “To do” log for maintenance and upgrade; and of vessel’s operations and problems, if any, so that these can be rectified in the future.
  • Strict deck control procedures for guests.
  • Training in vessel operations, person overboard retrieval, safety, CPR, for crew–with practice makes perfect sessions with volunteer crews.
  • Annual review by professional sailing instructor of captains’ competence.
  • Sails with students always with two designated captains aboard in case one captain is incapacitated.
  • Teachers accompany all school district groups of kids.

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